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SimySkin Triple Advanced Anti-Aging Serum Phase I 25-45 Review

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Combination Skin
SimySkin Triple Advanced Anti-Aging Serum Phase I 25-45
April 15, 2016 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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A targeted serum for younger skin that falls flat


Contains several good anti-aging ingredients


Doesn't work well on its own, may cause a bad reaction

by Elisabeth B.

At first I was excited about SimySkin Triple Advanced Anti-Aging Serum Phase I 25-45 ($85) because it was a new high end-product focusing solely on the needs of women aged 25-45. I’m in my mid 30s, so I was hoping it’d work for me.

I have a few skin concerns I was hoping this serum would address. Many mistakenly think that blemishes will vanish as you drive to your 21st birthday party. Not true. Blemishes also don't care if you wash your face 10 times a day, which could actually aggravate your skin. Plus, while you’re getting blemishes, yep, you can also get wrinkles. All those times you ignored advice to apply SPF 20 minutes before going out was the beginning of something. 

So this is a serum that it supposed to help women of a certain age who may still have lingering acne as they start developing lines and wrinkles. I really liked the idea of this product and so I immediately looked at the ingredients. This is what bummed me out immediately because I saw fragrance listed before the tried and true anti-aging ingredients. 

But first, the good. I loved seeing thermus thermophillus ferment, a marine extract that is said to work as an antioxidant. Other ingredients like salycyl acid, glycolic acid, lactic acid and a variety of peptides also seemed very appealing to me. The great thing is that these ingredients are near the top of the list which means they make up a higher percentage of the product. What worried me was how high fragrance fell on the list of ingredients I know there is nothing concrete but I have read that it can damage the skin. I want to promote good products but fragrance has been shown to possibly be damaging and it usually appears in a smaller amount, showing up in the middle or at the end of an ingredients list. 

Despite a mostly good ingredient list, I had a reaction from this product so I stopped using for a week because I wasn’t sure if the reaction was related to me catching the flu. I did try it again and had my fiancé try it for those days I was taking a break and it didn't give him a bad reaction, but like me he needed other things on top of it. I just the money could be far better spent.

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