Your Best Face Correct .5 oz

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on August 23, 2012


This product has been reformulated. Please visit the shop for the most up to date review.

by Pam

I was thrilled to be able to try the newly formulated Your Best Face Correct ($150 in the shop) because my eyes reacted poorly to an ingredient in the old YBF Correct formula (Idebenone is now removed) and also because so many in the TIA community consider this their holy grail, desert island, miracle-working eye cream. My 60-year-old eyes needed some serious help to improve the elasticity and crepey skin situation. I’ve used many good eye products in the past that did a fine job eliminating puffiness, reducing dark circles and providing good quality hydration, but none have been able to significantly improve skin elasticity and reduce crepey wrinkling under the eyes.

Very impressed with the ingredients in this cream, I began using Correct on my upper and lower lids twice a day for four weeks. Correct is a very dense, yellowish cream with a pleasant and light smell of almonds. I found it applied easily, did not appear greasy or shiny on the skin. It left a matte appearance, but to the touch, the skin was very moist and I found this moisturization lasted throughout the day. There were times when I wanted a little more hydration underneath my eyes to help soften the wrinkled areas, so I applied Snowberry Smoothing Eye Cream ($53 in the shop) on top of the Correct when needed. This new formula of Correct did not cause any irritation whatsoever to my sensitive under-eye skin, which was a happy finding during the test. Correct also worked very well with my eye makeup and concealer.

Sadly for me at the end of four weeks, there was no visible improvement to my under-eye elasticity or reduction in the crepey-ness. It’s possible that my eyes might need a much longer period of time with Correct in order to see some positive change. From reading results of other users, it appears that some have been fortunate to realize significant improvement, and sooner.

*Editor's Note: Since this review was published, Your Best Face Correct has been reformulated for 2014.