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Your Best Face Refresh and Antioxidants- reader reviewed and recommended

Reviewed by TIA Community Member January 3, 2011 21 Comments


No residue, moisturized and clarified skin


May not be effective in reducing wrinkles on more mature skin
A more affordable pair of products from a trusted brand

Reviewed by Sandy

Thank you for this opportunity to be one of those chosen to try these products. I wanted to provide my review after I'd used the entire sample, but since Michelle has started this ball rolling, I think submitting my review now will afford some the option to try these products in the new year. Knowing that Your Best Face has actively addressed users' concerns about affordability, but a desire to use the YBF skincare products, speaks volumes for their commitment to both their customers and their products. They state on their website that they've been working with Truth In Aging's readers, so I feel very privileged.

YBF Refresh ($80), an eye cream, is a wonderful alternative to Correct. It has a lighter texture than Correct, which I personally prefer for its creaminess, but Refresh is definitely worth looking into. The pump compresses the product but without air. As you use the lotion, the bottom of the pump presses more product to the top. It also aids in doling out just the right amount of product, which reduces waste.  I don't know if this is the same system they use with their full-size products.

Refresh absorbs nicely with no residue, and it does seem to address under eye circles and soften fine lines. The website suggests using it as daily maintenance between uses of Correct, another good idea for reducing waste and stretching out the Correct cream.  It also notes how this is popular with 30-somethings.  I had made this conclusion before I read it on their website:  Refresh would be great for the younger crowd, while Correct seems perfect for those of us over-30-somethings. But the suggestion of using it as maintenance makes it an affordable alternative good for any age group. This adds to Refresh's appeal.

The YBF website lists the antioxidants, which include spin trap, Lipochroman-6, L-carnosine, tetrahydrocurcuminoids, idebenone, and vitamin E, some nice heavy-hitters.  It also states Refresh is "packed with peptides" -- they name Syn-Tacks and Syn-Coll.  I am much less versed in ingredients than other TIA reviewers, so these may be proprietary ingredients as they are combinations of peptides under that name.  Caffeine is listed about halfway, which helps with puffiness and dark circles, I'm sure.  It also contains trans resveratrol and sodium hyaluronate -- these are listed near the bottom of their ingredients, so they are not as abundant as the peptides, which are at the top.  Their very last ingredient is paraben du.  I know there has been discussion about the use of parabens.  The YBF website addresses this concern; it's worth reading as it's very comprehensive.

Antioxidants Concentrate ($55 in the shop):  When applied directly, it feels very nice on the skin.  It absorbs quickly, has no residue, and I do see a fresher and clearer look to my skin since I started use.  The card that came with the product suggested blending it with other products or adding it to do-it-yourself recipes.  This is an excellent way of extending the product as well as ensuring it gets applied to the entire face and neck.  With one pump, I can get it to all parts of my face, but, because of its light texture, I need two pumps to include my neck.  This option of mixing it with other products does help "spread it around", so to speak.  I've not come across very many skincare lines that actually give suggestions on how to extend their treatments.  Usually, they want you to use it up so you can purchase more as soon as possible.  The sample I received uses the same kind of pump to regulate the product.

Antioxidants Concentrate has a wonderful almond scent, very subtle, which is a nice pick-me-up in the morning.  I didn't detect a scent with Refresh. (Note from Marta: I believe the almond-derived spin trap is the source).  The card that I received lists four (4) ingredients:  ferulic acid, spin trap, Lipochroman-6, and vitamin E.  Both :refresh and :antioxidants concentrate list "reverse osmosis water" as the first ingredient, which sounds fascinating.  I've not heard of this before.  The YBF ingredients page on their website states it is "ULTRA-purified water, containing no irritants or chemicals".  It would explain both why the two products feel so good when applied and how they help retain moisture and plump up the skin.

Final Conclusion:  I like these products and enjoy using them.  They have a nice scent, possibly none with Refresh, and both products absorb quickly with no residue.  I see results:  fresher, smoother skin, softened lines, lightened circles under my eyes.  I'm also impressed with the integrity of YBF Skincare, and how thoroughly they try to answer any questions and concerns users might have.  If you want to use the YBF skincare line, or even just try it, this is a good place to start.  They're more affordable than the higher-end products but contain the same ingredients.

I do recommend going to the YBF website if you haven't been on it.  It's very comprehensive and "transparent".  It has an entire page devoted to explaining its ingredients.  If you're curious, or concerned, about their products, this will help with your research.  It's also very useful for boning up on what is put into skincare products in general, which is a boon for an ingredient-novice such as myself.  They also have a page that shows additional, alternative uses for their products.

Refresh Ingredients:

Reverse osmosis water, olivem (cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate), cucumber extract, Syn-Tacks (glycerin, palmitoyl dipeptide-5 diaminobutyroyl hydroxytheonine, palmitoyl dipeptide-5 diaminohydroxybutyrate), Syn-Coll (glycerin, palmitoyl tripeptide-5), caffeine, nutmeg butter, ppg5 ceteth-20, olive squalane, L-carnosine, nylon-12, vitamin e, c10-30 alkyl acrylate crosspolymer, ethylhexyl palmitate, vitamin B5, dimethyl isosorbide, alpha bisabolol, spin trap (phenyl butyl nitrone), tetrahydrocurcuminoids (turmeric root extract), idebenone,Lipochroman-6 (dimethylmethoxy chromanol), trans resveratrol, chrysin, sodium hyaluronate, violet leaf absolute, oakmoss absolute, triethanolamine, paraben du

Antioxidants Concentrate Ingredients:

Reverse osmosis water, olivem (cetearyl olivate, sorbitan olivate), propylene glycol, ferulic acid, vitamin e, spin trap (phenyl butyl nitrone), Lipochroman-6 (dimethylmethoxy chromanol), sodium hyaluronate, paraben du

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  • June 29, 2011

    by NoeyD77

    I sooo want to try YBF's Boost and Antioxidants! If I like it, the brand will spread like wildfire since each time I like a product thats all I talk about! It happened with Peter Thomas Roth's Laser Free Serum, Atralin andDr. Denese's Firming Glycolic Pads!!!

  • March 1, 2011

    by Darrell Owens

    Hi Susan,
    That was kind of you & thank you.

    We will continue to keep an eye out for ingredient alternatives and pursue them when we think we've found one that's proven safer and is widely accepted as a safe alternative.

    Prop's role in Antioxidants is to make ferulic acid soluble so that it works in the formula, but if we find a better alternative we'll indeed look into a switch.

    Thank you again and all my best,

  • March 1, 2011

    by Susan

    Hi Darrell,

    First off, I'd like to retract the word "misstepped" and apologize for using it. YBF did no such thing.

    I stand behind my view of propylene glycol, due to studies and lack of them and toxicology reports, etc. It is widely used, I know. It is economic. It is an effective carrier (though the manner in which it changes skin for penetration I would like to know).

    Almost every toiletry article contains it. One must be particularly deliberate for it to be absent from a bathroom (or kitchen).

    YBF continues to be a superior product. I never meant to infer otherwise, and again, I apologize for evidently giving such an impression.

    YBF's Correct is the BEST eye cream on the market, hands down. Period.

    Don't be sad, Darrell. You have no reason to be.

  • February 3, 2011

    by JustD

    Darrell, I can't speak on the Refresh product, but your Antioxidants is amazing! I understand that not every product will produce the same or even similar results for everyone, but for those of us who are the recipients of it, you've got a friend in me indeed! I'm on a really tight budget and so hopefully will be able to tryout your Refresh and a few of the other products, but as for now, the YBF Antioxidants is the best!!! I thank you and all those involved, on behalf of this 57 year old brown eyed "beauty", cuz that's what this is all about after all, THANK YOU!!!!!

  • February 3, 2011

    by Darrell Owens

    Hi Susan,
    It makes me very sad to read your comment.

    It makes me sad, not because propylene glycol is a actually a safe ingredient for use in skincare (sometimes mistaken for a form of glycol used in antifreeze), but because we've actually used in our product line from the beginning -- going back to 2004.

    Propylene glycol was not a new ingredient to the line as part of the new product offerings.

    So, I don't quite understand your comment about a misstep. Yes, we have indeed broadened our selection of products -- and done so not only to bring new solutions but also at more affordable price points.

    Ingredients we have introduced to our line as part of the new and more affordable priced products include carnosine, bisabolol, tumeric extract, resveratrol, ferulic acid, olive squalane, tetradecylthioacietic acid -- and the list goes on -- these are all great ingredients which are new to our line. Where is the misstep Susan? Please help me see.

    Darrell Owens

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