best of 2015 - eye cream

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‘Tis the season for the annual Truth In Aging best of the best awards. We will be awarding the title of "Best of 2015" to anti-aging skin care products in the categories of Eye Serum or Cream, Marta's Pick, Most Innovative Formula, Product Under $100, New Product Launch, Body Treatment, Hair Product, Readers' Pick and Product of the Year.

Over the coming days, I’ll be announcing the "Best of 2015" for products that have been lovingly formulated with heavy-hitting active ingredients or innovative approaches that truly deliver on their bold anti-aging claims. They are already winners with me and the Truth In Aging community. Of course, we'll be easing the "dollars spent" aspect with a special Best of 2015 Sale from now until December 21st.

To kick off our awards season…. Drum roll….. Here’s my best eye serum or cream for 2015:

Your Best Face Correct

Is feeling nostalgic about something that is ever-changing an oxymoron? May be, but it does sum up why Your Best Face Correct ($150 in the shop) is my choice for best eye cream or serum of 2015. You see, Correct was the first eye cream I ever tried (was it six years ago?) that stopped me in my tracks and persuaded me that a good eye cream could actually reverse signs of aging. No, I don’t mean some overnight miracle. I mean when I finished my first bottle, I could see that the once-crepey skin around my eyes was transforming.

Since then, Your Best Face founder and chief formulator, the lovely Darrell Owens, has refused to rest on Correct’s laurels. From the outset, he vowed it would be the “be all and end all” of eye creams and he has been tweaking and improving the formula over the years to ensure that it keeps on fulfilling on that promise. I reviewed the latest (and current) formula back in February of 2015.

The most notable addition was a new peptide that lifts the lids. Which is no mean feat. Tetrapeptide-2 also goes by the name of Uplevity and it works in a rather complicated way. Put as simply as I can however, it regulates gene expression for collagen and elastin contributing to the improvement of “dermal cohesion.” Or, in other words, it firms and lifts the eyelid skin. There’s also Matrixyl Synth’6, a peptide complex that works on collagen production in six different ways.

The great thing about Your Best Face Correct is that it still has all the great actives that it started with, such as spin trap and things that tackle dark under eye circles. And there is that lovely marzipan/birthday cake scent that always takes me back… to at least 2008.