innarah line smoothing treatment serum

Reviewed by Marta on July 7, 2014


Innarah Line Smoothing Treatment Serum Oxygenated Moisture Serum ($175) has had me checking things out. I’ve been checking out myself in the mirror, pleased with visible signs of improved skin texture and diminished fine lines, and I’ve been checking out the ingredients, as there were several that I didn’t know much about. I love it when a beauty product introduces me to new anti-aging actives.

A light, milky serum, Innarah Line Smoothing Treatment Serum is perfect for summer weather. It is subtitled Oxygenated Moisture Serum and, for me, it is hydrating enough to forgo an additional moisturizer. What I like about Innarah Line Smoothing is that it lives up to its name, with a visible impact on fine lines. It has also brightened my skin, giving it a refreshed tone.

When reviewing Innarah Treatment Solution ($150), I learned about Innarah’s special process for fermenting extracts. But what interests me about the Line Smoothing Treatment is the prominent use of phospholipids. I believe that the phospholipids here are derived from safflower and they are comprised of two types of fatty acids. The behavior of phospholipids is wondrous and strange. They are described as having heads and tails. The "head" of a phospholipid is hydrophilic (attracted to water), while the hydrophobic "tails" repel water. This means that they attract water and hold on to it. This makes it a helpful moisturizer. What's more, phospholipids retain their structure when applied and because of this it’s sometimes called a “second skin.”

Now, apolactoferrin is a first in skincare for me. Lactoferrin is a pack mule protein that transports iron, copper and zinc to the cells. It is present in human milk and important for the immune system. Apolactoferrin is iron free. In either form, it is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory. In addition, it inhibits skin infections.

I have come across deer antler velvet in Avitalin products. Innarah says it contains growth factors, and I found a 1997 study that established that elk antler velvet contains amino acids. Magnolia bark is an anti-inflammatory that goes after the ominously named Nuclear Factor Kappa, which has a role in chronic inflammation.

In a formula where everything counts, it is worth mentioning one of the two peptides. Tetrapeptide-3 is supposed to be pretty good at beefing up fibronectin (by 60% apparently), which in plain English means helping the things that keep our skin firm.

There are no nasties in Innarah Line Smoothing Treatment Serum, and it is highly recommended for those who like their natural skincare to come with some serious anti-agers.