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Truth Vitality Hair Care

Hair Vitality just got even better. Introducing our EXCLUSIVE Truth Vitality Advanced Complex, Truth Vitality True Volume Shampoo, Truth Vitality True Volume Conditioner and Truth Vitality Brow Empower—all newly reformulated with more copper peptides! This line of hair care products is especially designed for women with fine hair or women with thinning hair, or those who'd simply like more voluminous hair. We're particularly proud that hundreds of members of our community have tested multiple iterations of these formulas, leading to a line of body-imparting, shine-boosting hair treatments that work and that we're truly thrilled with. Find out more about our line here and discover why our community already loves these volumizing shampoos, conditioners and treatments.

Try our copper peptide-infused range of shampoo, conditioner and hair treatments and watch yourself get shinier, fuller and healthier-looking hair with each use. As a bonus, if you spend $39 or more, you'll receive free shipping throughout the US!