Perhaps it has been the hot and sticky weather we've been having in NYC, but I have been loving getting to know L'uvalla's Eucalyptus Toner. It is incredibly refreshing, removes excess oils from pores that are expanding as temperatures soured into the 90s, calms and invigorates - all without the drying effects of alcohol. This toner also seems to be helpful at keeping breakouts at bay.

Zit control is thanks to antibacterial eucalptus, which also does a good job of keeping storm headaches at bay. Another reason to keep this toner handy in summer is that eucalyptus extract is an effective bug repellent (especially midges and flies). Niaouli (the paper bark tree) is another antibacterial that in Australia is used as a natural hand sanitizer.

There is also lotus flower - something of a signature ingredient for L'uvalla. It is a potent antioxidant (source) and the quercetin it contains seems to strengthen capillaries (so potentially good against broken thread veins). Meanwhile, one of the chemical constituents in sage is sclareol, which has an estrogen-like structure that may contribute to the health of tissues and cells.

Although 30 bucks is a lot for a toner, the 6.7 fl oz bottle (sent to me as a sample) looks as if it will last me a lot longer than the three months promised by L'uvalla. I'll definitely be getting the toner in to join the L’uvalla products in the TIA shop: the Eye/Lip Anti-wrinkle Cream ($66).

I have a full size L'uvalla Orange Toner to give to someone who would like to review it. This one is part of L'uvalla's Age Defying System and is meant to boost circulation and rejuvenate connective tissue. Just leave a comment below.

Ingredients in Eucalyptus Toner

Eucalyptus Leaf Extract, Natural Spring Water, Maris Salt Extract, Lotus Flower Extract, Niaouli Leaf Oil, Sage Oil, Yarrow Oil

Ingredients in Orange Toner

Bitter Orange Leaf Extract & Oil,  Natural Spring Water, Peppermint Leaf Water,  Sodium Chloride, Lotus Flower Extract, Potassium Sulfate, Verbena Leaf Oil, Mallow Extract, Birdsfoot-Trefoil Flower Extract, Horsetail Leaf Extract, Alfalfa Extract, Mistletoe Leaf Extract