Our Rating: 4 stars

by Kiku

I was seeking a daytime facial moisturizer with sun protection for my 47-year-old combination but increasingly dry skin. The first thing I noticed about Prana Reishi Mushroom Shield ($42 in the shop) was its delicious scent and silky texture. Something between a lotion and a cream, it feels instantly nourishing to the skin. It absorbed quickly into my skin and left a pleasing dewy feeling that lasted all day. It provided a sufficient layer of protection in the drier cold weather. Even on a long weekend in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado it provided ample protection in the total lack of humidity (however, an additional layer of high SPF protection was needed to protect against that region’s exceptionally strong sun).

The only drawback I found was that, perhaps due to the sun-protection ingredients (micronized zinc), the moisturizer left a subtle shine, which was easily mitigated with my usual mineral powder.

This product is definitely what it says it is. It is clearly packed with powerful ingredients and not the usual fillers. After two months of daily use, I can say that I trust the product to protect the delicate exposed skin of my face, neck and chest. The generous 2 oz. package will easily last three months of daily use, and the pump dispenser eased my hectic morning routine.

Ingredients: Micronized Zinc, Octyl  Methoycinnamate Organic Canderma Lucidum (Reishi), Organic Astragalus membranacus (Astragalus), Sinenis Mushroom Extract (Cordyceps), Inonotus Obliquus Mushroom (Chaga), Trametes Versicolor Mushtoom (Turkeytail), Organic Symphytum Oficinale (Comfrey), Ocimum Santum Leaft Extract (Holy Basil), Organic Zingiber Oficinale (Ginger)