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Deciem Hylamide C25 Vitamin C Booster

Deciem Hylamide C25 Vitamin C Booster

Size: 1 oz (30 ml)

Deciem Hylamide C25 Vitamin C Booster is highly concentrated and stable vitamin C treatment that offers a fast-tracked approach to an even skin tone and smoother texture. With only four powerful ingredients, it targets hyperpigmentation, dullness, textural irregularities, and fine lines. Vitamin C Booster is proven effective in 30 days by the Truth In Aging community of reviewers.

This targeted treatment contains 25 percent pure ethyl-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) to fade dark spots, boost radiance and reduce wrinkle depth. A pre-solubilized resorcinol complex helps by removing dulling, dead skin cells. Hylamide C25 Vitamin C Booster can be used as part of any regimen before the application of other treatments, moisturizers, and/or makeup. Apply it twice daily as adjunct skin care to take back your youthful glow — fast!

Tested for 30 days and recommended by Margaret D:

As I age, my goal is to age well. My skin is dry with an oily T-zone, and I never had any issues with large pores until after menopause — but that’s another story. I now look for products that will even out my complexion (I have some melasma), address fine lines and reduce the appearance of pores. I received a bottle of Deciem Hylamide Booster C25 Stabilized Vitamin C ($33) over the summer and proceeded to use it up. In fact, I completely missed the friendly reminder from TIA to write the review for this product, so my experience is over a nine week period.

I was happily surprised that Hylamide products are part of the Deciem family. I have several of their products and they all perform well. This simple yet powerful solution contains only four ingredients: ethoxydiglycol, ethyl ascorbic acid, hydroxyphenoxy propionic acid and phenylethyl resorcinol. Ethoxydiglycol is particularly appropriate for skin care preparations, as it acts as an excellent solvent and carrier. This is a form of ethanol, as the name suggests; however, ethoxydiglycol has a longer carbon chain and isn’t as harsh or hazardous. This distant relative of ethanol strengthens the absorption of L-ascorbic acid and other forms of vitamin C.

Ethyl ascorbic acid is a derivative of vitamin C with excellent skin brightening activity. It is unique in that its chemical structure causes it to be a highly stable form. Hydroxyphenoxy propionic acid is designed to exfoliate the skin, reduce hyperpigmentation and impede future spots. Finally, phenylethyl resorcinol, also known as SymWhite 377, is used as a lightening agent by influencing the production of pigmentation.

I started applying the liquid every morning after my shower and again before bed. After about six weeks, I started using it at night only, because the product is a little oily and tends to travel, leaving my scalp and hairline greasy. My hair would be very stringy by the end of the day, so that’s one negative. The only other negative is that it takes some time — upwards of 20 minutes — to absorb.

I have since adjusted the usage and now apply it before using my at-home skin devices, as it provides great slip. I’m also still using Hylamide C25 before bed, since I shower in the morning after my workout. The instructor at my gym asked me to wait for her after class. Uh-oh! After everyone else had left, she asked me what I was using on my skin. She then proceeded to tell me how she wished her skin looked like mine — the best part is that she’s 33 and I’m 59!

My complexion is brighter, the lines are much less noticeable and my skin looks and feels smoother. There’s over half of it left, too, so this little bottle should last a few more months. I’m excited to see the continued effects it has on my skin! If you’re still wondering if I would purchase Hylamide C25 in the future, the answer is yes.

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By Margaret D. As I age, my goal is to age well. My skin is dry with an oily T-zone, and I never had any issues with large pores until after menopause — but that’s another story. I now look for products that will even out my complexion (I have some melasma), address fine lines and reduce... read more

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  • Ann


    After using SubQ eyes and SubQ Antiage, I’ve been trying several products from the Hylamide line as well as the super cheap line, The Ordinary. This one was one of my trys, I’ve never had sensitive skin, and I’ve used vitamin c a lot. This, and every product I’ve tried from The Ordinary line, has caused irritations in the form of small red, raised welts that sometimes itch and often will weep as they are healing. It sounds grosser than it is - the welts are small - but it’s almost like poison ivy. I don’t know what is in this, or the other products that would cause such a reaction. The Deciem website says the lines are all to mix and match, but perhaps it’s some combination of the ingredients? Although this product is supposed to go along with the hylamide line, it did not mesh with my skin.

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  • Michele Watson

    October 5, 2016

    Michele Watson

    I use a lot of Deciem/ Hylamide and Niod products (same manufacturer) and I am very excited about Deciems new range coming out in October called The Ordinaries. I can really recommend all their products. At the moment I am using the Hylamide Sub Q serum and their Hand Chemistry and also the Niod one for the neck. I haven't tried this booster - will definitely do so. Thank you for this review!

  • ethoxydiglycol
  • ethyl ascorbic acid
  • hydroxyphenoxy propionic acid
  • phenylethyl resorcinol.
Apply it twice daily before the application of other treatments, moisturizers, and/or makeup.

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