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Kenneth Mark MD Hydrating Serum AM & PM

Kenneth Mark MD Hydrating Serum AM & PM

Size: 1.0oz (30 ml)

Kenneth Mark, M.D. Hydrating Serum AM & PM is a deeply hydrating serum that moisturizes dry skin and minimizes fine lines. Lightweight, fast-absorbing and fragrance-free, this clear serum comes in an easy-to-use dropper for dispensing the perfect amount. Gentle enough for sensitive skin, it leaves your complexion moisturized, supple and smooth.

Tested for At Least 30 Days & Reviewed by Coco:
I am a Caucasian woman in my very early 50s. My skin is dry with an oily T-zone and is rather fine and dehydrated. I have quite a lot of wrinkles around my eyes and mouth and tend to look younger during the summer months (it’s true!) when the weather in Montreal is humid. But right now, it’s very cold outside and very dry inside (with central heating). So, while I did not have any particular expectation about this product, I was very pleased to have the opportunity to review the Kenneth Mark M.D. Hydrating Serum AM & PM.

I have been using this product for about four weeks now, and it has been a pleasant experience. I have been applying the serum morning and night, after thoroughly cleansing my skin and before applying my day or night cream.

The serum itself is clear and its consistency is a bit sticky for just for a couple of seconds. Once applied, this sensation immediately disappears and it just feels comfortable. Also, the serum is not scented. I use two to three drops max, and it covers my face and neck. It is also suggested to use this product on hands, but I have not yet tested that application. More than half the product is still left in the bottle, so I would think it could probably last for a good two months if used twice a day.

As it is so easy to get used to something that feels good, I was starting to wonder if this product was actually making a difference. As I had committed to write a neutral and impartial review about it, I did a little test. I started not using it at night while keeping the same routine and I noticed that my skin felt drier (not as supple), so this product does make a difference.

In terms of ingredients, the only one mentioned on the label is hyaluronic acid, which is used in many face creams. Doing a bit of research, I read it contributed to the skin’s elasticity and resistance and has the feature to capture and retain water. It is what this serum feels like really.

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by Leila I reviewed the Kenneth Mark MD Hydrating Serum AM & PM ($90 in the shop), and I felt that, for the most part, the product lived up to its claims. The serum itself is fairly lightweight and goes on smoothly and easily. It absorbed quickly and did not leave a greasy or sticky residue, which... read more

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  • Christina @ TIA

    October 17, 2014

    Christina @ TIA

    Hello Robert,

    Our customers' reviews -- both positive and negative -- are very important to us! You can find your comment about Kenneth Mark MD Antioxidant Cream with Astaxanthin on this page here:

    And we thank you for sharing your opinion, which will help other readers make their own decisions.

  • Robert Simonovich

    October 16, 2014

    Robert Simonovich

    I reviewed this product last week and was not pleased with the price of $120 for a tablespoon of cream packaged in a 6" tube with only 1" of cream in a false bottom. I see my review was not posted to inform others. Do you only print positive reviews of the products you recommend? I don't see anything but praise. The product may be good, but there was not enough product packaged in a misleading tube.

    I just received my order of Medik8. A bit pricier but an acceptable quantity of serum.

    I was hoping for more from shopping at TIA.

  • pat

    October 15, 2014


    What is Phenoxyethanol in this product?

  • Imelda

    October 14, 2014


    It's really amazing how so many dermatologists have come up with all kinds of skin care products that claim to solve various skin conditions problems! Given that this serum Leila tried has sodium hyaluronate, an ingredient I have loved and trusted for antiaging products, it must work well enough. I like how it has very few ingredients listed but purists may not like the Phenoxyethanol.

  • Fran

    October 14, 2014


    Hi, am I in the right place to sign up for a free sample? I am 75 years young and love hylauric acid and peptides. Dr. Marks product sound good to me. Is it light weight?

  • Charles

    October 14, 2014


    I live for skincare, my situation at the present moment isn't ideal and my friends, who happen to be very well known in the skincare arena routinely send me products of theirs that I find to be insanely generous and I love them for it because, to me, and like yourself and this perfect blog you've developed, have given a 27 guy the chance to indulge in "escapism" so-to-speak and find myself so incredibly happy to be learning so much and the beauty and the tireless and mind-blowing science behind all these products, it's what keeps me going. Nothing makes me happier than the immense amount of products I order and carefully study, it fills me with a feral type of fate and soon when I'm able to move on from where I'm currently at, I'll have all my customized Smythson skincare trunks layered shelf to shelf with the type of therapy I can't find at a doctors office and the combination of what would amount to an arsenal full of lessons and feelings that during a difficult time gave me life and joy when there was none.

    I wanna review this Dr Kenneth Marks day cream because like Tata Harper, and Patti Pao, and May Lindstrom, it's a gift and a beautiful comfort for me, and i know my shit that's awesomely true as well. You'd be another hero to me, it would make me feel useful and I'm a writer and soon hope to start schooling to become an esthetician. Plus, anything with the main ingredient being that of Astaxathin is just fabulous!


  • Maureen

    October 14, 2014


    I think I would be the best person to try this serum because I have really dry skin. I am in my fifties and I really could use some help here. I would hope that it does what it says and that besides that overall it will make me feel better about myself. I like trying beauty products and right now I think this product would really fulfill my needs. Thank you.

  • Purified Water
  • Sodium Hyaluronate
  • Vitamin B5
  • Zinc Acetate
  • Phenoxyethanol
Apply to face, neck, and hands AM and PM.

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