Arcona Cranberry Gommage 3.4 oz

Reviewed by Erin on January 24, 2013


When I first received Arcona Cranberry Gommage facial exfoliator ($44), I noticed a red seal on the bottle proclaiming that it was Allure magazine’s pick for Best of Beauty in 2011, so I hoped the product would deliver positive results.

I started out using the product two to three times a week in the morning. Initially, the exfoliator seemed a little harsh for my sensitive skin. I rarely use exfoliators for this very reason; however, I took a chance with this product. It was much less harsh than those apricot scrubs that I have bought from local drugstores and never adjusted to. But after using the Arcona Cranberry Gommage several times, my face became acclimated to the sand-papery feeling of the exfoliator. Following each use, I was left with skin that felt soft and surprisingly rejuvenated.

Although I did not initially like Arcona’s facial exfoliator, I quickly became comfortable with it. In the end, I was pleased with the results and would absolutely recommend it to others. I would not suggest using it daily because it is a product that takes some time getting used to, especially for those with sensitive skin.

[Editor’s note: Arcona recommends using this product two to four times a week]