expurtise effective anti-aging face treatment

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Reviewed by Monica on October 9, 2015

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ExPürtise was a new brand to me when I decided to try out the ExPürtise Anti-Aging Face Treatment ($90 in the shop) in late June. Summer is always an interesting time for me to try new face treatments because I’m extra concerned with breaking out due to a new product /the humidity, but I also tend to wear makeup less frequently in the summer (who wants to have a melting face?). It’s important for me to have a product that 1. does not cause any reactions/breakouts, 2. goes on matte, 3. absorbs quickly and without residue and 4. WORKS. After using the ExPürtise Effective Anti-Aging Face Treatment for six weeks, I can confidently state that this product meets all of my requirements and I would absolutely recommend it to others.

I’m a 29-year old Midwestern girl with fair, oily skin and an obsession with anti-aging products. Thirty is fast-approaching, so I’m trying out new products and treatments all the time. My favorite, and the most effective, anti-aging treatment is my twice-monthly microcurrent facial in a salon. These things work and I swear by them, but getting them done any more frequently is just too hard to fit into my schedule — and it’s expensive. I love trying out products that help me hold on to those non-invasive facelifts a little bit longer and this Expurtise face treatment definitely fits the bill. My regular aesthetician was on vacation for the first few weeks of July, so I had to miss two appointments, which gave me an excellent opportunity to test out ExPürtise to see if it could compete with microcurrent. And the verdict is obviously no — but, it works very well to maintain the effects of microcurrent and it strongly decreased the number of lines and crepe-like skin that usually appears if I skip a couple of microcurrent appointments.

ExPürtise Effective Anti-Aging Face Treatment comes in a very lovely blue and silver metal tube with a pump top. I’m a big fan of this pump top because you can, with a little practice, minimize (or maximize) the amount of lotion that comes out by the force of your push. I hate pump canisters that require you to either work really hard to get one pump or that push out way too much product so you’re forced to waste some. The texture is middle of the road — thicker than many pump top products but thinner than most tub-contained treatments. It’s a white cream with minimal scent that absorbs really well into the skin. I prefer to wear it on days when I’m not wearing makeup, because it doesn’t provide fillers for my current lines like some of the thicker products do, but without makeup it absorbs really quickly and I could definitely see a difference from my regular anti-aging skincare routine. The ExPürtise seemed to slow down the wearing-off process from my microcurrent facials, which is wonderful since this is the first product I’ve found that seems to do this.

Beyond being impressed with its effectiveness, I was also impressed by the ingredients in the ExPürtise Effective Anti-Aging Treatment. Usually, I read an ingredient list and see words with fifteen consonants and I have no idea what they mean. However, the ExPürtise treatment was rather fun to read — it almost seems like a list of items you’d purchase in a grocery store (and compost once you were done with them). Rose Hips, Tangerine, Acai Berry, Blueberry, Matricaria Flower (chamomile), Cranberry, Goji Fruit, the list goes on and on like this.

We all know the benefits that these natural fruits and flowers have when we ingest them — it turns out, they provide similar benefits when applied to the skin!  Even better, one of my absolute favorite ingredients in anti-aging treatments, Hyaluronic Acid, is one of the active ingredients in ExPürtise Effective Anti-Aging Face Treatment. I adore Hyaluronic Acid because I tend to find that it really is effective when applied regularly to maintain smooth skin. Also, it’s produced naturally within the body, so it’s not an entirely foreign substance your skin has to acclimate to. Plus, it’s been proven in various studies to successfully assist in skin healing and regeneration. 

Overall, the ExPürtise Effective Anti-Aging Face Treatment impressed me greatly and I will continue to use. Between the results I see in my skin (using twice a day) and a very natural ingredients list that could rival a smoothie recipe, I highly recommend the product.