moana night repair complex

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on September 18, 2015


by Lisa Reichenthal

I just finished testing Moana Night Repair Complex ($135, New Zeland dollars). I have to say, it may be my favorite product yet. I was actually very excited to test this one because I used to have a love affair with Crème de la Mer. Then I found out about the chemicals, silicones, etc. in that very, very, VERY expensive cream. Supposedly the seaweed extract is the secret patented ingredient in Crème de la Mer that does miracles for the skin. Well, low and behold, Moana Night Repair Complex’s second ingredient is New Zealand red seaweed extract. I literally jumped for joy.

For better or worse, when I used Crème de la Mer, people always commented on my skin. I have since stopped about two years ago and have been on the hunt for something to garner those compliments again. Since I have been using Moana Night Repair Complex, people have started to comment on my skin again. One person said my face looked very dewy and fresh. Another said my face looked great again, asking if I had done anything different.

I am in my late 40s with sun damaged skin (being a redhead with freckles). I love rich, thick creams, as my skin seems to soak them up. Moana Night Repair goes on thin but feels like it is rich, if that makes sense. It sinks in great, yet makes the skin feel dewy. I have actually started using it in the morning too. The rest of the ingredients are stellar: aloe, oils and extracts. Nothing you wouldn’t want on your skin. I loved the feel of it from the first moment and after about two and a half weeks, people started saying my skin looked really good. I’ll take it!

My only complaint is that the cream is in one of those jars that has a very small center jar for the product contained in a larger jar, so the product is less than you would think by looking at it. It’s a little disappointing when you take the cream out of the box and open the jar. However — and a big however — the product feels so good and works so well I will absolutely be buying it again. This one is a keeper. Also, because of the way it is rich, you need very little to put on your face so the jar does last a while, making it worth the price.