organoderm by dr. domanskis organic exfoliator

Reviewed by Erin on September 19, 2014


I’m in my 20s and currently working to revamp my lifestyle — I want everything about it to be healthy, including my beauty products. Why go through the trouble of consuming healthy food when the products you use on your body aren’t healthy as well? The body washes I have previously used were filled with chemicals I couldn’t even pronounce — a sure sign that they couldn’t be very good to use on my body. 

The OrganoDerm by Dr. Domanskis Organic Exfoliator ($30) is (just like its name suggests) organic. It's vegan, non-toxic and uses ingredients like raw cane sugar, olive oil, beeswax, shea butter and cucumber extract — all organic and the perfect way to start my journey to find natural products to use on my body.

I used the exfoliator in the shower each night for about a month. The site suggests that it be used on the face and rough body areas, including elbows and knees to brighten and refresh these surfaces. I mostly used it on my face, but also found that I could use it as a scrub on my entire body, leaving my skin feeling smooth and rehydrated. The exfoliator’s olive oil and shea butter base was just enough to keep my skin from being dry without leaving it feeling greasy. The best part about the exfoliator containing these oils is that I didn’t have to apply lotion after taking a shower because it moisturized my skin just enough. This saved me a lot of time when I showered in the morning before work.

Although I usually don’t have acne or blackheads, I would definitely use the Organo Derm Exfoliator to help clear these skin conditions if I encountered them in the future. I have found that most other exfoliators tend to dry out my skin, so when I’m done with these products my face is acne free, but it’s also dry, red and irritated — not quite the look I’m going for when I go out on a Saturday night. I am definitely going to continue to use this product (but in moderation because it is a bit pricey!). It goes for $30 for a 6 -oz tube, so I would suggest trying to make it last longer by only using it to clear breakouts a couple of times a week.