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Sciote Advanced Bio Serum Review

is a Solution for:
Combination Skin, Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Redness, Rosacea, Uneven Skin
sciote advanced bio serum
January 30, 2015 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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Helps with inflammation, redness and dryness and gives you healthier-looking skin


Reduces redness and improves fine lines



by Cheryl

I had the opportunity to test the Sciote Advanced Bio Serum. This serum contains bee by-products, combined with antioxidants and "plant bio-actives," which help improve the texture and appearance of the skin by reducing redness and calming rosacea. It worked for me.

I initially used the Sciote Advanced Bio Serum on only one side of my face for about four weeks. I have had positive results, but I need to explain my skin type for you to understand why I think this worked for me. I am 50 years old and have dry, sensitive, sun-damaged skin that is prone to breakouts and redness. I used this serum along with other facial products, including a prescription for acne, a moisturizer with sunscreen (SPF 30) and a calming moisturizer as a last step in the line-up. The Sciote serum is a fragrance-free, colorless, light gel that I used morning and night. It plays well with other products and didn't seem to mind where in the order of my regimen it was placed, although I usually used it after my prescription and before the moisturizers and sunscreen.

It is important to note I have had success in the past using bee-related products, like Royal Nectar's face mask and moisturizer. For my skin, bee products seem to do a good job of addressing inflammation, reducing redness and tightening slightly (without dryness). Sure enough, this Sciote serum contains bee propolis and royal jelly, plus gotu kola, and had a similar effect.

I read that humans have been using propolis (used by bees to coat their hives) for thousands of years for many purposes, but primarily on wounds to fight infection; propolis does indeed have antiseptic properties. Royal jelly is produced by worker honey bees and typically contains about 60% to 70% water, 12% to 15% proteins, 10% to 16% sugar, 3% to 6% fats, and 2% to 3% vitamins, salts, and amino acids; it is used for various ailments including skin disorders. Gotu kola is an herb that is also used to treat various ailments, but as to skin care it appears to be used for wound healing, preventing scars and reducing stretch marks; it also decreases inflammation and seems to increase collagen production.

I assume that those three ingredients contributed to the reduced redness of my skin and the overall calming of fine lines, without irritation or breakouts. I can't say that my wrinkles are gone (I wish!), but having healthier-looking skin makes fine lines less pronounced. If you are having issues with inflamed skin or just redness and/or dryness, and especially if you've had good luck with other bee products, you should definitely try this serum. I think it is a valuable, easy-to-use gel that should fit into any skin care routine.

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