sciote super moist myaluronic serum

Our Rating: 2 stars

Reviewed by Francine on December 30, 2015

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We’re at the start of chilly weather and I’m exposed to dry hot air heat at work and home. It’s nice to be toasty but it also adds to my existing dry skin woes. I was looking forward to using Sciote Super Moist Hyaluronic Serum($75 in the shop), hoping and expecting to experience great results. I have used several of Sciote products and have become somewhat of a cheerleader for the brand.

From the first time I used the serum my skin did not experience the soothing sensation of moisturizing. Rather, I felt a film that had a a tight feeling to it. Perhaps that is what this serum is meant to do and others may respond positively to this result. I did not immediately apply moisturizer, wanting to see how the serum felt after a few moments. Within 3 or 4 minutes I really needed to apply a moisturizer. My skin felt extremely dry, as though I had (lightly) applied a mask. This result occurs every time I use the product. Sciote recommends following up with a moisturizer, you can also use alone or as a hydration booster, but I simply cannot use this serum without applying moisturizer. There is nothing about the product or my reaction to it that makes me feel I should not use it. On the contrary, the tightness may be the result of hyalurosmooth, the key to this serum.

Sciote’s Hyaluronic Serum’s most beneficial ingredient is hyalurosmooth, their botanically derived hyaluronic acid, which holds up to 1000 times its weight and draws moisture from the environment to your skin, locking in moisture, filling in fine lines, plumping and smoothing skin. This ingredient makes up 50 percent of the serum. The second key ingredient is MSM which Sciote says is the purest form of sulfur which helps dry skin. 

The product comes in a 1 oz pump. A small amount of the clear fluid is all you need. It is scented with geranium essential oil, which has antibacterial and antimicrobial properties and encourages the regeneration of new cells.

I wish my love affair with Sciote included the Hyaluronic Serum, but it does not. I have a high regard for the brand, and the ingredients in this serum are great. I’m not sure why my results are what they are. Perhaps my over-60 skin is simply too sensitive for an ingredient. I'm still a big fan of their products, but unfortunately this serum doesn’t do it for me.