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Stemulation Relance Body Lotion Review

is a Solution for:
Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Fine Lines, Uneven Skin, Wrinkles
stemulation relance body lotion
August 4, 2014 Reviewed by Marta 0 Comments
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A body lotion with stem cells and botanical extracts that delivers significant anti-aging results


Effectively firms skin


Contains silicones and preservatives

There comes a time in life when your regimen needs a drastic change, and that time has come for my body.  The skin on my face is doing my age proud, but the skin on my body is not. It is losing suppleness, and sheen has long gone. My average body lotion is just not hacking it, and I’ve been desperately looking for something that really is anti-aging. But I’ve finally found it with Stemulation Relance Body Lotion ($98).

This is the only body lotion I know of that thinks it is an anti-aging serum and has human stem cells in it (of course, human stem cell cultured media is Stemulation’s signature ingredient and in Relance they have used it at 0.1%).  Now into my second tube, I can report that the skin on my arms, legs and chest is looking much less crepey and feels firmer to the touch. For the first time with a body lotion, I feel as if I am getting real results.

As well as stem cells, there are some very interesting botanical extracts. First up is hydrolyzed pepper fruit extract; this is marketed by Silab as Retilactyl D. Supposedly, the alpha-glucans and rhamnogalacturonans from black pepper berries firm up supporting skin tissue. Next, there is a type of sedge that is a strong antioxidant due to its high levels of vitamin E and is also anti-inflammatory (as it is considered an intrusive weed, its nice to know it can be put to good use).

Stemulation Relance Body Lotion has packed in plenty of botantical antioxidants in the form of Chilean wineberry (aristotelia chilensisui), goji berry, bilberry, acai berry, chokeberry (hailed as the latest superfruit), mangosteen, noni (high in compounds called iridoids that are not only antioxidant but can lower a person’s AGE levels, preventing glycation), and pomegranate. 

With only a couple of silicones and the usual offenders in the preservative department, there is not much to dislike and a whole lot to love. It is also worth noting that this is a lotion, not a rich cream, and that means that it is carrying me through the summer without being too heavy and more importantly (given the price point), a little goes a long way. If you are ready to invest in a body lotion that improves aging skin, then I can heartily recommend Stemulation Relance.

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