elizabeth arden ceramide premiere intense moisture and renewal overnight regeneration cream

Reviewed by Linda on August 6, 2014


I’ve been using Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Premiere Intense Moisture and Renewal Overnight Regeneration Cream ($97) for about six weeks, and I’m very pleased with this luxe cream and the results! The elegant-looking jar still has plenty of product, even after nightly application.

The texture of this product is very dense with a rich creaminess, and it absorbs quickly. I love the beachy scent that’s sort of salty (perhaps from the “nutrient-rich sea minerals”) as well as the added fragrance. Others of the 50-plus ingredients include glycerin, shea butter, petrolatum (an occlusive barrier that might be off-putting to some) and a patented retinyl complex “to promote even skin tone and overall radiance.”

Although the included instructions suggest using this cream after Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Gold Restorative Capsules, I apply it after washing my face as usual (these days, I’m using Pond’s Exfoliating Renewal Wet Cleansing Towelettes). I use my fingers to dot generous dabs of the cream on my upper chest, neck, chin and cheeks, spreading the product and gently rubbing as the cream absorbs. My cheeks turn pink, at first — I’m not sure what that is a sign of, but it goes away quickly, and I have had no other reaction or breakouts at all.

And what pleasing results I’ve had! It looks to me like my damaged, wrinkle-prone, almost-55 year-old skin is being repaired; it's much smoother, pores are diminished and the fine lines around my mouth have been plumped almost to invisibility. My skin feels well-hydrated and thus, more youthful — hooray! Also, sun-damaged skin at the base of my neck (where I forgot to put sunscreen, just once!) has lightened from a somewhat leathery redness to a soft-textured, light pink. Plus, my neck seems to be a little tighter and less crepey. My skin feels soft with no dry patches.

I like everything about Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Premiere Intense Moisture and Renewal Overnight Regeneration Cream, from the elegant brushed metallic jar, to the pleasant, beachy aroma, to the great results I’m enjoying. It’s a treat to apply — smooth, rich and creamy, it feels like an indulgence. It’s an effective and pleasant part of my nightly routine, and I love what I see when I wake up in the morning! This pampering cream gets a big thumbs-up from me.