truth vitality brow empower

Our Rating: 4 stars

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on July 18, 2014


by Janelle

Twenty-five years of brow shaping, thyroid disease and two pregnancies had left my early-40s brows sparse around the arch and thinned out on the ends. In my 30s, when I first started looking for a brow treatment product, there wasn't much available. I tried a lash/brow growth stimulator with no result and a synthetic hair particle brow gel meant to give the illusion of fuller brows but looked a mess and didn't treat the problem. There are Internet stories of successful and failed attempts to promote brow growth using hair growth stimulants with minoxidil, but I didn't want the harsh chemical or to share the experience of unexpected facial hair growth from side effect or product transferral during sleep. A trial of Truth In Aging’s Truth Vitality Brow Empower ($39 in the shop) presented the perfect opportunity to explore a new treatment with ingredients I hadn't previously used, like emu oil and copper peptides

The application of Truth Vitality Brow Empower instantly gave my black brows a darker, more groomed appearance. The product is easily pumped and applied across the brow using a flared metal applicator tip. The odorless, opaque gel/cream is lightweight, absorbs and dries quickly and transparently. However, I noticed mild buildup on a couple of occasions during cleansing. After four weeks of daily application, I found the product easy to incorporate into my regular routine, and I liked the enhanced look it gave my natural brows.

Janelle's brows, before and after

After several weeks of use, the metal applicator tip clogged and product accumulated under the pump, so I used a pin down the tip to clear out the dispenser. Several days later, the same thing happened with product solidifying in the metal applicator tip.

For the purpose of the trial, my before photo shows non-tweezed brows at four weeks. I then shaped each brow, started the treatment and let them grow to see if there was a difference in the before and after photos. Eight days into the trial, there seemed to be faster regrowth. Despite some initial minor blemishes in the brow area, which I didn't find unusual with my combination skin, and the fact I was effectively using a moisturizing treatment on a new facial area, the Truth Vitality Brow Empower improved and created a fuller brow. Overall, it brought a good result that warrants continued use.