what causes puffy eyes

What Are Puffy Eyes?

Allergies, sleep deprivation, stress, sinus issues, or poor diet can all lead to swelling of the thin skin beneath the eyes known as puffy eyes. Commonly referred to as having “bags,” this minor condition can leave eyes looking tired and aged.

What Causes Puffy Eyes?

The skin beneath the eyes is extremely thin and delicate with few oil glands for lubricating the area. When there is a buildup of fluid in the tissues surrounding the eye, this is when puffiness occurs. A diet that is high in sodium can further contribute to this, as it causes water retention.

How to Prevent Puffy Eyes

If puffy eyes are a concern, you can try reducing the amount of salt in your diet and alcohol. A nasal decongestant will provide help if sinus issues are a source of eye puffiness. Also, aim to get an ample amount of sleep at night whenever possible.

Effective Ingredients to Combat Puffy Eyes

A key ingredient in eye creams for reducing puffiness is Eyeseryl, which is tetrapeptide-5 and will help to reduce water retention and stimulate lymph drainage. Eye treatments that contain peptides and antioxidants are also beneficial for minimizing puffy eyes.

Solutions for Puffy Eyes

Regular use of a targeted eye cream can provide relief for puffy eyes. For a natural quick fix, apply something cold to the under-eye area, like chilled cucumber slices, potato slices, dampened tea bags or a compress. Also, washing your face with cold water will cause blood vessels to constrict and swelling to reduce.

If experiencing chronic puffy eyes, it’s important to see a doctor to rule out any underlying issues.

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