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LiftLab Lift & Firm Eye Cream

LIFTLAB Lift + Firm Eye Cream

Size: 0.5 oz (15 ml)
LIFTLAB Lift + Firm Eye Cream is a concentrated treatment that renews the delicate eye skin while protecting against future damage from collagen loss and environmental stressors. This unique cream targets all main eye concerns, fighting deep wrinkles, puffiness, sagging, dull skin, and dark circles. As with all products in the TIA store, it's been tested and approved by a member of our community, so you can be sure this cream will deliver results!

The LIFTLAB Firm Eye Cream features a specially developed marine active to seal in moisture, while Niacinamide increases circulation to reduce dark circles. The formula also features some powerful peptides, as well as LIFTLAB's patented Cell Protection Protein®, encouraging cell turnover for more radiant skin. What it doesn't include: nasty Parabens and Sulfates. Gently apply a dab below the eye to reveal the youthful eyes you've been dreaming of.

Tested for 30 days and reviewed by Penny:
LIFTLAB Lift + Firm Eye Cream has a soft "aquatic" green color and it had a very slight fresh but barely discernible fragrance. It was light and smoothed easily over the skin under my eyes and at the beginning lines of crow's feet. It felt great to use a cream that did not tug at the tender skin around my eyes.

After using it for about two weeks there was little to no change in the appearance of my bags and fine lines. At three weeks, I thought there might be a slight improvement and then at four weeks, my husband actually noticed that I just didn't have those yucky bags under my eyes and he even said I looked much younger. Determined to use the cream for at least 30 days, I continued with the nightly applications. The results have been extremely positive.

Happily when I was at my usual physician check-up this week, the technician did a double take look in my direction and said, "You are 70? WOW! No way." The other tech told me that was meant in a hugely positive way. I love the LIFTLAB product which has perceptively changed my usual baggy and occasionally puffy eyes to the smoothness of my younger years.
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Reviewed by Penny I was thrilled to receive an email from Preksha at TIA letting me know that I had been chosen to review the LiftLab Lift & Firm Eye Cream ($90 in the shop). I couldn’t wait to get the product and begin testing. At last it arrived and I eagerly unwrapped it. The... read more

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  • Annette

    (3 out of 5)

    I'm almost 59 and have been using Lift Lab Lift + Firm religiously for a couple of months,. Had high hopes when I ordered it based on the reviews. I really wanted it to be a great product for me, but have found it to be nothing super special for a few reasons. First, it seems to have done very little about improving the crows feet at the corners of my eyes. Second, it leaves a light film around my eyes that is a bit shiny. I don't like this look, and I've played around with the quantity of product used, thinking maybe I was over doing it. Not really. Lastly, I have to apply it about an hour before applying eye shadow, otherwise the shadow clumps up. On the upside, I find this product very soothing when applied, and it glides on so easily. It feels refreshing and it does a great job of hydrating. Also, Lift Lab doesn't skimp on the quantity you get (in my opinion). I'm going to use up my jar and then either go back to my stand by AQ product, or try something different..

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  • Sly

    (5 out of 5)

    My humble opinion but this is a truly effective eye cream. I've been using Correct but both Marta and another user's review inspired me to splurge on another cream and I AM SO GLAD I DID. Hands down the best eye cream I have ever used. EVER.
    For the first time in a really long time I feel my delicate eye area is actually being deeply hydrated. Fine lines seemed finer and the entire eye area appears 'illuminated'. Puffiness and dark circles are not my issue so I cannot comment on that aspect but this really is a rare gem of a find and I already feel that I never want to be without it so naturally a second order has already been placed.
    Very excited and happy about Lift Lab. Thanks as always Marta for your ongoing commitment to promoting safe and effective products.
    Happy Holidays All!

    *Eye Creams Used In The Past*
    AQ Skin Solutions
    Z Bigatti
    M Lab
    Natura Bisse

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  • Gloria

    (5 out of 5)

    I have to say I am really loving the Lift Lab Travel set and I absolutely love the eye cream. I think it has really reduced the puffiness for me more than even the REluma or SenZen. I will keep using it until it's gone.

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  • Janet

    (5 out of 5)

    I got a chance to try this as a part of the Discover with Marta collection. I love this eye cream. It's rich and leaves the skin hydrated and feeling smoth. The fine wrinkles have disappeared after a week's use and under eye area is glowing. I am an instant fan.

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  • Penny

    July 14, 2011


    Marilyn, I didn't use the LiftLab on my upper lids, only underneath the eyes. When I first tried it both morning and night it irritated my eyes during the day. My improvement occurred under my eyes and at the corners where the crows like to tread!

  • Marta

    July 6, 2011


    Hi Penny and all TIA readers, we have a 20% off LiftLab coupon which is good through July 20. Use the code LLPENNIES at checkout :)

  • Marilyn

    July 5, 2011


    ( Just came across this review by way of 'related posts'. I often bypass a review because of the product price.)
    It is so nice to see a review by another 'age-blessed!' Thank you Penny for letting us know your age, since it makes the report a lot more relevant--at least to me. Did you apply the product to your upper lids, and if so did it give any lift?

  • Penny

    June 29, 2011


    Marta, that's good news. Having it in the TIA store and somewhat less expensive would be most welcome. Thank you again for the chance to review this great product!

  • Marta

    June 27, 2011


    Thanks for a great review Penny. Personally, I think having my husband tell me I am looking younger is worth almost any price. Seriously, I am going to look at getting LiftLab in the TIA store and perhaps we'll find some ways to make it a tad more affordable.

  • Water
  • squalane
  • butylene glycol
  • shea butter
  • cyclomethicone
  • dimethicone
  • isononyl isononanoate
  • dipentaerythrityl hexahydroxystearate/hexastearate
  • pentaerythrityl tetraehylhexanoate
  • cetearyl alcohol
  • mango seed butter
  • cetyl alcohol
  • panthenol
  • niacinamide
  • sodium hyaluronate
  • glucose
  • fish plasma protein (Cell Protection Protein)
  • guanidine HCL
  • tripepide-1
  • acetyl tetrapeptide 11
  • gucosyl hesperidin
  • fennel fruit extract
  • hops extract
  • Melissa officinalis leaf extact
  • achilea millefolium
  • glycosphingolipids
  • glycosaminoglycans
  • hordeum vulgare extract
  • acetyl tyrosine
  • proline
  • hydrolyzed vegetable protein
  • dipotassium glycyrrhizate
  • adenosine
  • adenosine triphosphate
  • urea
  • allantoin
  • gycleryl stearate
  • cetearyl glucoside
  • stearyl alcohol
  • tocopheryl acetate
  • PEG-100 stearate
  • alcohol
  • mannitol
  • melia azadirachta flower extract
  • amino esters-1
  • coccinia indica fruit
  • solanum melongena (eggplant0 fruit extract
  • aloe flower extract
  • henna extract
  • ocimum sanctum leaf extract
  • turmeric extract
  • pearl powder
  • polyacrylamide
  • C13-14 isoparafin
  • laureth 7
  • corn starch modified
  • xanthan gum
  • disodium EDTA
  • phenoxyethanol
  • capryl yl glycol
Directions: Use morning and night. Gently pat around the eye area, avoiding eyelids.

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