When I set out to create an anti-aging product to be paired with a microcurrent or ultrasound device, there were a few things I kept in mind. I wanted a gel that was thick enough to withstand throughout an LED treatment, but also light enough to still be comfortable and non-sticky. I also wanted something that could be used independently, without a device, if preferred. Lastly, I wanted a product that would refresh and replenish the skin, leaving long-lasting beneficial effects. The outcome is the Truth Vitality Treatment Gel ($49 in the shop). In this video, I demonstrate the consistency of the product, illustrating the fact that it is thick enough to be used with a device, but isn't sticky or goopy in any way. Additionally, I explain the significance of the key ingredients, particularly perfluorodecalin, a component that carries oxygen to skin cells and vitamin C, a known combatant of any harmful pro-oxidants. I show just how easy it is to apply, and why it is an integral and beneficial part of a healthy beauty regimen.


Marta Wohrle is an anti-aging skin care and beauty expert and the founder/CEO of Truth In Aging. Marta is dedicated to uncovering the truth behind anti-aging product claims.