blissoma tone adaptive energy tonique

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by Valerie on April 4, 2014


What can I say? I love Blissoma products! So, lucky me, I’ve been testing the Blissoma Tone Adaptive Energy Tonique ($25.99). This product is a hydrating toner designed for acne, oily, combination and problem skin types. It arrived in a stainless steel misting bottle. I’m always delighted when I can get a product in a non-plastic container. The scent of this product is hard to describe — maybe a bit “herby” (but it dissipates almost immediately). A while ago, I went on a search for a facial mist, but found that many contained artificial fragrance. Since making the switch to primarily natural beauty products, I have found that the scents of products are much less of a problem for my migraines.

I really enjoyed using the Tone Adaptive Energy Tonique. I used it primarily in the morning, hoping to keep a bit of the mid-day shine away. It was also a great vehicle to help the penetration of facial oils and serums. After washing my face, I lightly spritzed with my eyes closed, and my serum(s) sank sink right in. Now that I’ve become a toner convert, I can’t imagine not using them. At night, I’ve been loving my Elizabeth Dehn for One Love Organics Active Moisture Time Release Vitamin D Moisture Mist ($39 in the shop).

According to Blissoma, this toner provides the skin vitamins A, B3, B6, and potassium. Additionally, there is rhodiola, holy basil and red clover, which help the skin respond to internal/external stressors and environmental pollutants. As a woman in her 40s, I’ll take any protection that I can get, as I’m sure I experience all of the above on a routine basis. There is some grain alcohol in the product, but I didn’t find it to be at all drying. The owner, Julie Longyear, has explained that the alcohol is used to extract the herbs, helping to carry more medicinal compounds into the liquid. This toner also contains aloe, which provides additional hydration.

All-in-all, this is another great product from Blissoma! I would certainly repurchase the Blissoma Tone-Adaptive Energy Tonique. Or, for a bit of variety, I might try their other toner, Tone Intense Hydration Tonique ($25.99 in the shop) for normal, dry, combination skin.