Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Sheer Mineral Sun Spray

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by Marta on August 17, 2015


Sheer. The first word in the name of this sunscreen says it all. The quest is over for a mineral sunscreen that is really sheer with not even the ghost of a chalky caste Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare Sheer Mineral Sun Spray Broad-Spectrum SPF 50 Plus Protection ($42 in the shop) is invisible, silky, super easy to apply and does the job of a sunscreen.

Sheer Mineral Sun Spray is a light milky liquid that sprays easily on to arms, legs and so on. For the face, I simply sprayed into the cupped palm of my hand and then smeared it over my face. Because it is so light and sheer, I feared that this would translate into light protection – enough for a 15 minute dash for lunch, but not for recreational use. I was – happily – wrong. DDG’s Sun Spray passed the weekend out on a boat on the Long Island Sound.

As well as being easy to use, cosmetically more than acceptable and a good performer, there are other reasons to love this sunscreen. The small roster of ingredients includes some good antioxidants. These include two forms of vitamin C, vitamin B, resveratrol and ubiquinone. Plus there’s extracts of tea and amla. Heck, who needs a serum at this point.

The rest of the ingredients are mostly benign with a synthetic emollient (neopentyl glycol diheptanoate) and a couple of silicones. Although there is a PEG and the preservative phenoxyethanol. Overall, the good far outweighs the bad and this is the best sheer mineral sunscreen that I have yet found.