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Eight Skincare Tangerine Hand Crème Review

is a Solution for:
Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Fine Lines, Uneven Skin, Wrinkles
eight skincare tangerine hand crème
August 9, 2014 Reviewed by Ki 0 Comments
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A pleasant hand cream that deeply moisturizes but doesn't provide signficant anti-aging results


Moisturizes and softens dry skin


Not the "miracle" cure for aging hands

I was asked to test the Eight Skincare Tangerine Hand Crème ($18), and have enjoyed the five weeks I have spent slathering it on day and night. The crème comes in a large tube and seems to have an endless supply, since it doesn’t take much to cover your hands with this hyper-emollient stuff. I have “old” looking hands, being in my early 60s, and am always on the lookout for the magic cream that will transform these somewhat veiny, puffy and splotchy old claws into the smooth sleek paws of my youth. But being an artist and a gardener, I think those days are long gone.

So, back to the Tangerine Dream. One thing I like is the tube; it’s super sturdy and doesn’t get lost or punctured in my bag. The crème’s scent, which is refreshing without having a cloying citrus smell, really is a pleasure, especially if the aroma of lunch is lingering on your fingertips. The crème is very emollient and makes my hands feel smooth and somewhat coated; it’s not a bad feeling, but some people want their hands to feel completely dry after a slather. For those people, this is not the cream for you. Your hands will feel slightly moist after application, and even after washing, a bit remains to be re-rubbed back into your skin. It has aloe and witch hazel, which are ingredients that help with healing. And given what I put my hands through daily, the price seems fine.

Would I buy it? It didn’t change the actual appearance of my hands much. Well-moisturized hands do look a bit better, but sadly, it is not the miracle I would be dreaming about if I wasn’t too busy using these hands to create, and cook, and clean, and rub, and do all the things you want to be doing with your time besides worrying about what your hands look like. So, yes, I would buy it, but mostly because the tube is sturdy and seems to last forever. This Tangerine Dream crème is fine until that miracle comes along!

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