e’shee alpha omega gene therapy eye cream

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by Marta on February 24, 2014


I had already decided that E’shee Alpha Omega Gene Therapy Eye Cream ($284 in the shop) was the best eye cream I have ever used and then I checked on the price. I often deliberately avoid knowing the price when I start testing a free sample so that I form an unadulterated impression of the product. E’shee’s new eye cream is $284 for 0.5oz and so I had to pause and ask myself a couple of tough questions: is it worth it and would I buy a replacement at full price with my own money?

The answer is yes. Of the claims that E’shee makes for Alpha Omega Gene Therapy Eye Cream, two promises stood out to me: stronger dermal structures in about 28 days and dramatically improved skin texture. Now five weeks in to using this eye cream twice a day, E’shee has really delivered. The skin of my eye lids and under-eye area feels firmer, flatter and smoother. I don’t typically have much of a puffy eye issue and now I don’t have one at all.

My only caveat is that my eyes are in fairly good condition after years of using Your Best Face Correct ($150 in the shop) and AQ Eye Serum ($99 in the shop). E’shee has taken them on to another level though. And, in order to give E’shee more of a challenge, I have started to use it for my lip lines (E’shee actually recommends Alpha Omega Gene Therapy Eye Cream for the upper lip as well as the eyes). Two weeks into this experiment, I am beginning to see some improvement on my hated lip lines (I’ll report back on this in a few weeks).

The big gun in E’shee Alpha Omega Gene Therapy Eye Cream is trifluoroacetyl tripeptide-2. This is a new peptide to me  and so I was pretty excited to discover it. Known as TT2, this peptide can reduce “sagging and slacking”, as well as improve firmness and elasticity, according to a study conducted for Lucas Meyer Cosmetics. Apparently it not only fights the effects of aging, but actually “regulates the biological mechanisms involved in the aging process”. TT2 works by inhibiting elastase (an enzyme that attacks structural proteins) and reducing progerin (a protein responsible for cell death) production.

TT2’s effects are given a boost by some hydrolyzed elastin and collagen. Meanwhile, the other heavy hitters in the formula include E’shee’s signature epidermal growth factor, FGF1, and Far Infrared Ceramic Powder, which is the magic ingredient in E’shee’s KI serum. Also of interest is hibiscus esculentus, which is okra to you and me and high in unsaturated fats, AHAs and galacturonic acid (a big deal in the composition of cell walls).

As always, E’shee formulates for effectiveness and not for purists. There are the several preservatives and a pH adjuster that can be irritants including disodium EDTA, sodium hydroxide and phenoxyethanol. I had no adverse reactions to using this cream.

Given that price per milliliter for E’shee Alpha Omega Gene Therapy Eye Cream is the same as for my beloved E’shee KI and I have bought four bottles of that, I can say that I will be buying my next bottle of this truly excellent eye cream.