evologie stay clear cleanser and cream

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on August 30, 2014


by Teresa

For one month, I tested the Evologie Stay Clear Cleanser and Cream ($32 and $62). The full Evologie system includes the cleanser and cream, plus a serum.

I am 62 years of age with combination skin and occasional breakouts. My t-zone was oilier last summer, but perhaps with age and certainly with the brutal Midwest winter, my skin has dried somewhat — especially on my cheeks.

I used these two products every morning and night for two months. After two weeks, I noticed an improvement in my breakout area.  The redness decreased, and I had less eruptions.  However, the clogged pores were not eliminated and I still have a couple of white dots under my chin.  To remedy this problem, I started using my Sirius with the cleanser twice a week, and this has helped.

The cleanser is a gel without any noticeable smell. It rinses off easily and leaves my skin feeling clean but not tight. The cream makes my skin feel moisturized but not oily. I did need extra moisturizer for my cheeks.

Their website has a ton of testimonials praising the three-product system. However, they are written by teenagers and 20-somethings — not a single grandmother in the bunch.  So while I think this is an excellent product for people with problem skin, from the pictures they posted, I'm not in this category.

This is a YS3 Complex that is absorbed easily, has healing and reparative natural ingredients and hydrates. The ingredients are generally gentle cleansing agents, antioxidant, antimicrobial acne treatment.  The only problem I see is with the chamomilla recutita flower extract if you are allergic to the daisy family.

These are probably products I would use during the summer when my skin is oilier and I need to keep the breakouts to a minimum.