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Tammy Fender Firming Eye Gel Review

is a Solution for:
Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Fine Lines, Sagging Skin, Uneven Skin, Wrinkles
tammy fender firming eye gel
August 31, 2014 Reviewed by Cristina 0 Comments
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An eye gel with botanical ingredients that doesn't quite live up to its high price tag


Applying the gel is a lovely experience


Offers minimal anti-aging benefits

Tammy Fenders products are exceptional in that they are composed mostly of botanicals.  Tammy Fender is the owner and developer of Tammy Fender Holistic Skin Care of Palm Springs Florida. She has an extensive background in the fields of botany, aromatherapy, holistic chemistry and medical science, (specifically, the healing properties of essential oils, plants and vitamins).  With her education and beliefs, she created her own line of organic holistic skin care products. In addition, she uses pure, high vibrational and energetically balanced ingredients, harnessing Pure Living Energy® in every product.  Pure Living Energy® is described as the life force that radiates through nature and permeates every cell of our being.

The Tammy Fender Firming Eye Gel ($72) is an organic herbal  blend  complex containing a multitude of hydrating botanicals, herbal extracts and omega 3 & 6 nutrients targeted to restore immediate hydration, firming and protecting the delicate eye area. The concentrated blend of elder, chamomile, rose hip seed, borage, green myrtle and nettle is rapidly absorbed by the skin, nourishing and toning tissue while increasing elasticity and renewing softness. Herbs like elder flower and chamomile are mostly anti-inflammatory, cooling and soothing. Additionally, elder and green myrtle are very hydrating. Eyebright is also anti-inflammatory and astringent as well as hydrating, and it promotes circulation and stimulates the lymph system. All of these qualities work to smooth and tighten the delicate eye area.

I used the Firming Eye Gel with Elder Flower & Green Myrtle Formula No. E-53G for about 30 days. It came in a half-ounce container with an air pump. Unfortunately, the air pump was defective and did not work. I had to open the bottle every time to scoop out a small amount to apply to my eyes.  I went online and found other reviews that attested to the same experience.  The application of the gel was a lovely experience.  It had a mild herbal aroma and a soothing cooling feel and absorbed immediately.  The bottle only lasted 30 days, and in those 30 days, the only result I noticed was a smoothing of the skin under the eye.  I am over 60, so wrinkles and crinkles are noticeable, and I did not see much of an effect on those annoyances.  Nor did I see any lightening or brightening of the under-eye area.  As I have stated in my other reviews, I do believe that some products take longer than 30 days to see the claimed results. The absorption and retention of the components may need time to build up in the tissue.

The brand itself is rather pricey. I don’t believe I would purchase this a second time.  And if I had purchased this with a defective pump, I would have certainly returned it immediately.  I feel it’s too pricey for the minimal effects that I received and the quality of the container.  While I love the idea of the use of botanicals that are vibrationally exceptional, I unfortunately cannot recommend this product.

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