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Five Best eyelash and brow growth treatments 2012

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Eyelashes & Brows
Reviewed by Marta September 19, 2012 30 Comments

Lush lashes and brows can keep years off your face. Much experimentation and some serendipitous finds have turned up some extremely effective and safe – if sometimes surprising – eyelash and eyebrow growers. Here is my Five Best – they all produce longer, stronger lashes and brows, plus they are all prostaglandin free. People will notice, really!

AQ Eye Serum ($99 in the TIA shop). I absolutely had to include this. Yes, it is an eye serum and it will do a good job of keeping lines and crow’s feet at bay. But an added bonus (and everyone loves a twofer) is, in my experience,  longer, thicker, darker lashes. After using AQ for about six weeks, I began to notice my lashes were growing. I thought it was my imagination until other people started to notice too. I put it down to the growth factors that are the key active in this eye serum. Read the review (and note my eyelash update in comments).

ReLuma Lash ($95). Like AQ, this is based on growth factors, but is specially formulated for eyelash growth. ReLuma Lash takes about six weeks before significant lash growth is seen. But patience is rewarded by new lashes, as well as longer darker existing ones. It can also be used with success on eyebrows. ReLuma Lash’s actives are growth proteins from stem cells. ReLuma Lash gets a boost with keratin and panthenol and lashes are conditioned by moisture attracting gluconolactone. Read the review.

Brow Vitality Complex ($36 in the TIA shop). Feeling a little over-plucked? This brow rescue treatment is based on the formula for our bestselling Hair Vitality Complex. Brow Vitality is enhanced for better application and absorption by the brows. As with Hair Vitality Complex, the actives are copper peptides and vitamin B. Copper peptides are said to increase follicle cell proliferation, while decreasing programmed follicle cell death. Read the article.

CODE:ai Lash Extend Serum ($115). The active is myristoyl pentapeptide-16 and 17. Lash Extend Serum has this peptide at a 30% concentration. Results can be seen after about three weeks – longer lashes. It also works on the eyebrows as well. After six weeks, the results are more impressive with the hairs not just longer, but also more flexible and healthier looking. Read the review.

Osmotics FNS Serum ($69). Osmotics makes an eyelash growth product, but it is so similar to the FNS hair growth treatment that it makes more sense to go with the hair product and apply it carefully with a fine eyeliner brush. FNS Serum was developed with cancer doctors and majors on amino acids. There are 18 amino acids in human hair and they are all here in this serum. In addition, there is an antioxidant favorite of Osmotics, tetrahydrocurcumin and plenty of B vitamins: B6 (pyridoxine), Myo-insitol, which has been shown to strengthen the cells of the hair, helping it to retain moisture, serving as a humectant and anti-static agent, niacinamide, thiamine and riboflavin (B2).

  • July 1, 2013

    by Marta

    Hi Claire, all of these should work for menopausal women. This post has also been updated for 2013:

  • July 1, 2013

    by Claire

    What eye lash enhancers works best for post menopausal women?

  • April 27, 2013

    by Jan Steinle

    I was wondering if any or all of these products are ok to use if you have eyelash extensions? The after-care card I got says to stay away from products with oil or solvents in them as it will negatively affect the glue.

  • November 30, 2012

    by Samantha

    Great! Im going to try the AQ Eye serum. Gotta love the two-fers!
    Thank you!

  • November 29, 2012

    by Marta

    Hi Samantha, if you have the ingredients list and can post it, I can check it out for you. Generally, the active is a prostaglandin and this causes skin discoloration. There are no prostaglandins in the five recommendations in this post.

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