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Hair Vitality Complex Review

is a Solution for:
Thinning Hair & Shedding
Hair Vitality Complex
May 8, 2012 Reviewed by JulieKay 8 Comments
TRU Rating
A great hair growth treatment that delivers on its promises


No residue, easy application


Results take about two weeks before they're noticeable

Within a few days of Marta’s reveal of Truth in Aging’s ground-breaking product Hair Vitality Complex ($49 in the shop), I was asked if I wanted to test it. It felt like an answer to a prayer, since it had immediately leaped to the top of my priority list. This review is slow to transpire, and I’m certain some have given me up for a goner. To the contrary! I was merely getting all my ducks in a row. First off, I wanted to wait till I’d had my hair freshly colored. I recall when I had used Skin Biology Folligen Cream ($22), my hair soaked the chemical colorant differently wherever it was applied, and I walked away from a fresh color job looking a bit askew. This time I wanted to have my hair color treated, and I, for good measure, waited four days after that to begin. I guess that’s only one duck, but he had a really loud quack…seriously.

A little hair discussion: I’m quite vain about my hair. I get it colored and cut fairly religiously every six to seven weeks and soak it up when my stylist raves about how healthy my hair is. I spend a good amount of money on “product” and care about what I use in my hair. My hair-washing routine has undergone several interludes these past few years. Up until I was 55, I washed my hair daily. Now I’m lucky to wash it once a week. During the past six years, because of health issues, it’s been anywhere from every three to four days to every 10 days. This actually seems to benefit my hair. It allows the natural oils to move to the outer shaft and allows the color to fade more gradually. I used to have volumes of (thick) fine hair. Now I have much thinner fine-turning-to-wiry wavy hair. If I’m honest, I’m seriously curly. And the thinning is approaching balding around the forehead. Thus, “Oh, yes, I definitely want to test Hair Vitality Complex!"

Hair Vitality Complex is a sweet little gem. I find it in the color family of the peridot; a gem I am quite fond of. The star of the show is copper peptides trailed by a lovely chain of amino acids: L-histidine, L-lysine, L-serine, L-citrulline. Not to be outdone, there’s vitamin B-5 and radish root ferment as well. I don’t know how TIA got this product to perform odor free, but it is - and this is a huge selling point for me. (When I used Folligen, I only used it three times total; my hands smelled like pennies for weeks after - so distracting!) At $49, Hair Vitality Complex is super affordable

I began using Hair Vitality Complex on a Sunday six-plus weeks ago on a damp clean scalp of just-washed hair. I hadn’t watched Marta’s video (she hadn’t released it yet), but it worked out to be easy enough. Funny how anxious we can get beforehand about how to do something like this. I own a Tassi hair accessory and it comes incredibly in handy when applying Hair Vitality Complex! I would even urge you, Marta, to begin selling them in your shop. At any rate, it keeps my hair out of the way perfectly and has these past six weeks when patting and rubbing Hair Vitality Complex into my scalp from about an inch above my left ear to my right ear. I probably cover 3/4 of an inch to an inch into the scalp line all the way around. The following two applications I performed on dry hair after taking an edge of a wet washcloth and rubbing it along the scalp line where I intended to apply Hair Vitality Complex. After the dry applications, I remove my Tassi, take a small brush and underbrush my bangs down where they’ll dry overnight. I should point out - when I used Hair Vitality Complex on a wet washed head it’s during the day; when I use it on a dry head it’s always at bedtime. I’ve noticed zero residue of product on my silk pillowcase.

I used it for over two weeks before I noticed any results, but little by little on the thinnest parts on the sides of my temples where the balding was the greatest, short (and as Marta stated, “real” hairs) have begun to grow. I now have a layer of short fringe under my bangs from side to side. My bangs look fuller even though this fringe isn’t to the length of my bangs yet.

One thing I didn’t want this product to do is make me have to wash my hair; or rather, change my hair routine in any way. I was nervous about Hair Vitality Complex making my bangs greasy (or in at all disagreeable). The way I see it is I’ll have to use Hair Vitality Complex as maintenance for as long as I care about having a thickened hairline, right? So performance to my exacting specifications is extremely important to me. Hair Vitality Complex doesn’t interfere with my routine. It’s truly odorless and dries to clear finish wherever I’ve applied it.

My use has been no more than three times per week and more on dry scalp than a fresh-washed head. If I’m getting these results, I believe someone who washes her hair more often - I’m thinking a scrubbed wet head and the circulation this triggers - would promote an ever greater response. But I’m cranky; I’ve got my routine.

Hair Vitality Complex works for me! My hair is thickening, and I’m a happy aging hippie.

  • September 20, 2012

    by Julie Kay

    Hi Laura!
    Firstly, I don't even come close to washing my hair daily. I once did. Until I was 55 (when I had my hair first colored) I washed my hair daily. Coloring it has dried it out and allowed me to relax my washing schedule. I also use L'anza neem oil which I believe lengthens the time needed between washings. I know this was true when I used Morroccanoil, and I switched out the neem oil for the argan because its properties seemed better suited for hair. Mostly, though, it's aging hair! *laughs. These old hair follicles just secrete less oil, I think. I'm down to using HVC once a week now, and the space around my face, while not as thick as if I used it more, is fuller than it was if I used it not at all. I'm satisfied and happy.

    OH, I also take Biosil capsules; twice a day and have been since May. It contains silicon and choline and is advertised as (one among four bullets): Thickens and Strengthens Hair. When I began and was researching, I read it took two months to see improvement. My hair stylist, without knowledge from me, has commented that my hair, overall, is thicker. When I went to France I ran out of Biosil at vacations end- went perhaps 4 days without. I noticed my face sagging more (another bullet regards Skin). *shrugs.

    You ask; I answer as best I can. I wish you good luck, girlfriend!

  • September 20, 2012

    by Laura

    Hi Julie, I have used about half a bottle , using it every other day when I wash my hair, and have not noticed any difference. My hair has always been very fine and sparse and I was hoping to see a difference in the bangs"area, where I have that "see-through" appearance.

    Perhaps it is because I'm not thinning and I can't produce what's never been there, but I'm not noticing thicker hair or any improvements. I am using two pumpfuls so I don't think the amount is the problem. I will stick to it as I did purchase two bottles.

    Question for you Julie, because my hair is so fine and getting more lifeless I am resorting to washing it every day to get the body and volume I like. What products do you use that make your hair style last more than 2 days without a wash?
    Thanks for your detailed review which has prompted me to get back using this product and will start using every day.

  • July 19, 2012

    by Julie Kay

    Cynthia- I use all sorts of product in my hair, and the last one I apply (while wet after shampooing) is HVC. I use it here and there between washes on my dry scalp at night before bed and my bangs don't look greasy the next day. It really plays nice. ~jk

  • July 19, 2012

    by Marta

    Hi Cynthia, it would be fine to continue with your Nioxin shampoo and use HVC.

  • July 19, 2012

    by Cynthia

    I have hair that is thinning from my temples across the "bangs" area. I use Nioxxin shampoo which I buy from my hair dresser. It temporarily thickens my hair but as it gets dirty it looks like its actual self- very fine and thining. I am 62. If I were to use HVC, would it interfere with Nioxin? I'm just trying to figure out if I should use HVC along with Nioxxin or what?

  • May 16, 2012

    by Julie Kay

    elena- I used it twice (only) on my left brow and only on the end of it. You see the last time I had waxing done there, which I seldom have done, she went too close to that end, and the end disappeared! So during the early stages of testing I did apply HVC twice to the end of that brow with a "what the heck" attitude. I am happy to report that I have a REAL hair end to my left brow again. *happydance ~jk

  • May 16, 2012

    by Marta

    Hi Elena, I use it for my eyebrows and it keeps them filled in nicely. A very tiny amount is all that's needed daily.

  • May 16, 2012

    by elena

    can you please have someone review this for brows?

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