Forget about the lash extensions. Unlike Claire Danes, you don’t need to be tempted by eyelash growth products with potentially harmful prostaglandins, such as Latisse. Safe and effective options for the real deal are at hand. For Brooke-Shields-worthy brows and lashes look no further than the 2013 Five Best for eyelashes and brows.

  • Brow Vitality Complex

    Brow Vitality Complex ($39 in the shop). There was a nice message in customer service the other day from someone who had been using Brow Vitality during an extended trip away from home and, finding herself without tweezers, had to buy a pair to keep her newly growing brows in check. Yeah! Daily use keeps my once moth-eaten brows nicely filled in, in good condition and darker. Formulated with follicle awakening copper peptides and emu oil.
  • jane iredale Purelash Extender & Conditioner

    jane iredale Purelash Extender & Conditioner ($16.50). I seldom wear mascara and hate the idea of using questionable ingredients near my eyes. Plus I tear up very easily. So when I read our tester’s review of jane iredale’s Purelash Extender & Conditioner, I was intrigued. It has algae extract, wheat protein and vitamin B (panthenol). With regular use, it made my eyelashes feel stronger and more supple. It is great to use with an eyelash growth product or as a protective barrier under your favorite mascara. A great find at any price and a steal at $16.60.
  • AQ Lash

    AQ Lash ($135 in the shop). This is the best eyelash growth product that I have so far come across. AQ Lash harnesses the company’s signature growth factors (rather than a prostaglandin – an eyelash growth ingredient that has controversial side effects) used in the face and eye serums with some modifications. Regular use gives me longer, thicker and blacker lashes.
  • ReLuma Lash

    ReLuma Lash ($95). Like AQ, this is based on growth factors, but is specially formulated for eyelash growth. ReLuma Lash takes about six weeks before significant lash growth is seen. But patience is rewarded by new lashes, as well as longer darker existing ones. It can also be used with success on eyebrows. ReLuma Lash’s actives are growth proteins from stem cells. ReLuma Lash gets a boost with keratin and panthenol and lashes are conditioned by moisture attracting gluconolactone.
  • CODE:ai Lash Extend Serum

    CODE:ai Lash Extend Serum ($115). The active is myristoyl pentapeptide-16 and 17. Lash Extend Serum has this peptide at a 30% concentration. Results can be seen after about three weeks – longer lashes. It also works on the eyebrows as well. After six weeks, the results are more impressive with the hairs not just longer, but also more flexible and healthier looking.