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iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex Review

is a Solution for:
Crow's Feet, Dark Circles, Fine Lines, Puffy Eyes
is clincal youth eye complex
October 14, 2015 Reviewed by Annette 1 Comment
TRU Rating
A powerful eye treatment ideal for dark circles and puffiness


Softens fine lines, reduces puffiness, lightens dark circles


Hard to control amount pump dispenses

When TIA asked me to test iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex ($95), I was thrilled. I was in the market for a really good solution for my eyes. Reviewing the ingredients and iS Clinical’s claim—that it rapidly smoothes and hydrates, and reduces puffiness and dark circles—the product sounded perfect for me. At 58 years old, the delicate skin beneath my eyes can get a bit crepey. What bothers me most is that the orbital area around the inside of my eyes near the nose has been getting darker. You know, the general area where glasses pads sit. I also have a few soft crow's feet at the corners of my eyes and sometimes my upper lids get puffy.

The creamy, paraben-free lotion-like product has a silky feel and goes on smoothly. I pat it on around my entire eye area—underneath, at the corners, and on the orbital area above my eye for a 360 degree rejuvention. It has a light, barely discernable odor and absorbs quickly—in a few short minutes—without leaving a sticky or tacky residue. If I use concealer after application, I apply and pat, and it looks great. One thing I wish they would change is the pump applicator. I found that I needed less product but it’s difficult to do a half pump.

Within a day or two I saw improvement in the skin texture around my eyes and it kept improving over the weeks I was testing the product. It did wonders with the thin, crepey skin underneath my eyes. The skin looked stronger, healthier, and more resilient. After a couple weeks, I noticed the puffiness around my upper eyes was reduced. Then, slowly but surely, the dark appearance of the inner corners of my eyes began to lighten. This was especially exciting because dark circles can give you a hollow-eyed look.

The soft crow’s feet at the outer corner of my eyes were further softened, but I cannot report that they were significantly improved. I really paid close attention to this because iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex was remarkable at addressing puffiness, crepey-ness and dark circles. I was especially curious about the efficacy of the ingredient Acetyl Octapeptide-3 (also known as SNAP-8), a Botox-inspired mild peptide that reduces the appearance of fine lines by weakening muscle contraction. Did it work? Yes, slightly. A noticeable difference, but not an over-the-top improvement.

Looking at the ingredients, three stand out in addition to Acetyl Octapeptide-3. The first is sodium hyaluronate, the sodium salt of hyaluronic acid. It’s known for its ability to penetrate skin and hold onto water. I could see it at work in iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex shortly after application. The skin is almost immediately plumped up, reducing the crepey look and texture.

In addition to Acetyl Octapeptide-3, I checked into copper tripeptide growth factor (you can read more about peptides here and here). It stimulates fibroblasts (cells within the dermis layer of skin), which are responsible for generating connective tissue and allowing the skin to recover from injury. Thus, damaged skin is replaced with new vibrant skin cells. This may have attributed to the improved resiliency and “strength” of the skin under my eyes.

Lastly, I researched pseuoalteromonas ferment extract, a marine mud-dwelling bacteria-derived substance which accomplishes such feats as plumping and smoothing the skin by helping it retain water, promoting healing, and increasing collagen production. It sounds a bit like the Holy Grail of anti-aging ingredients, but I do know I’ve seen a similar substance as an ingredient in at least one luxury anti-aging serum.

In sum, I was quite pleased with the results from iS Clinical Youth Eye Complex. It lived up to its claims. The degree to which it lightened up the dark inner eye area was particularly impressive. When my tester runs out, I’ll definitely buy more! I can use less concealer now.

  • October 14, 2015

    by Marta

    Thank you for such a thorough and interesting review Annette. We are always on the lookout for recommendations for dark circles and puffy eyes, so this is great to know.

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