Jenetiqa Premiere Essence Day & Night Anti-Aging Serum and Dark Spot Corrector

Reviewed by Valerie on August 5, 2015


Jenetiqa Premiere Essence Day & Night Anti-Aging Serum and Dark Spot Corrector ($65) is a product that Marta previously reviewed and was fond of the results.  Naturally, she outlined the active ingredients in such detail that I don’t feel compelled to restate that information here. So, I will focus primarily on my experience and results with this serum.

The product goes on smoothly and absorbs nicely. As with any dark spot correcting serum, I believe that consistent and patient usage is required. Skin discoloration seems to be a pesky problem that takes time to show the signs of reversal. I have fair skin and although I have avoided the sun for most of my adult life, I didn’t begin using daily sunblock until my thirties. Now in my early forties, the damage of past sun exposure is certainly visible, especially on my décolleté.  I have actually tested a few products that were designed to minimize discoloration. There have been hits and misses. 

In all of my reviews, I make sure to mention the scent of products. I do this because it is a primary concern of mine when purchasing a product.  As I am prone to migraines, I am very sensitive to strong smells, which can trigger a nasty headache.  When I first opened the serum, I applied one pump to the back of my hand. I immediately found the scent to be overpowering.  However, it should be noted that I often experience scents differently than others. I can be overwhelmed by a scent that others are not.  I persevered and was only able to use this product at night, knowing that I would be asleep soon and not able to smell it.  I could not use it during the day, as the scent did not dissipate over time.

As you can imagine, I believe my inability to use this product twice a day impacted the end result. I did notice some general brightening. However, I did not experience the positive results that Marta did.  If you are not sensitive to artificial fragrance, this product may be great for you. Unfortunately, I was just not a match for this serum.