medik8 ce-tetra

Our Rating: 4 stars

Reviewed by TIA Community Member on May 28, 2014


by Gretchen

I was lucky enough to win the chance to sample Medik8 CE-Tetra ($115 in the shop). As I read the benefits of using this product, I thought it sounded like just what I need. I’m in my 50s, and the usual signs of aging are showing along with the damage done by years of working in the sun. The write-ups say this product will improve minor lines, wrinkles, sun damage and redness. Perfect!

I was pleased to see the main ingredients of the antioxidant serum are vitamin C and vitamin E. I began using the serum once a day in the morning with the occasional nighttime use, as well. I used two or three drops, which are easy to measure with the included dropper. The serum vanished into my skin instantly, leaving no residue. I loved how soft and smooth my skin immediately felt and that feeling continued throughout the day. The Medik8 website says this is an unscented product, however, as soon as I opened the bottle I noted a citrus smell, which I loved. Apparently, it is the result of an ingredient that is used in the serum for a purpose other than scenting. Either way, it is a very nice smell.

After two weeks of use, I realized the fine lines that have appeared under my eyes had disappeared. Within another week, I noticed the smile lines from my nose to mouth no longer appeared as deep. I’m very impressed with the results on lines and wrinkles. Unfortunately, it has not done as much to decrease the redness and to lighten the spots as I had hoped. Overall, if you are looking to reduce lines and wrinkles, I would highly recommend this product.