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Moana Cleansing Milk Review

is a Solution for:
Combination Skin, Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Sensitive Skin
moana cleansing milk
January 19, 2015 Reviewed by Erin 0 Comments
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A natural and organic facial cleanser that thoroughly cleans skin and leaves it feeling soft


Smooth texture, ease of use and moisturizing qualities


Is not cheap

Being in my 20s, I’m an avid user of various facial products to combat acne, reduce oily skin and prevent early signs of aging, I have found that many products can be harsh on my very sensitive skin. Oftentimes, they contain unnatural chemicals -- ones that I cannot pronounce, do not recognize and find very drying for my skin. Once I’m done using the product, I’m left with a feeling of utter dissatisfaction, as the only change I see is drier skin and an emptier wallet.

My journey with beauty products is a constant struggle as I try to find the best ones for my dry, sensitive and sometimes acne-prone skin (pending environment), while staying informed about the latest industry trends and advances. It’s almost exhausting just thinking about my beauty battles — a feeling I’m sure every woman experiences in her own way at some point in time.

It’s becoming a growing trend to use products that are natural and organic, which in turn promotes healthier skin. In my quest for the latest and greatest in facial products, I was presented with the Moana Cleansing Milk (NZ$79 or roughly $62 USD). This New Zealand-based skin care line utilizes nutrient-rich ingredients including red seaweed and marine glycans (complex sugars). Moana ensures that these ingredients promote “healthier, rejuvenated cells that have more energy — with the aid of glycans [cells] are stimulated to increase production of collagen and resist damage caused by loss of water.”

I used Moana’s cleansing milk on my face for about a month following no particular routine. Some days, I would wash my face with the product in the morning before heading to work during the week, or brunch on the weekend, while countless other times, I used it only at night before heading to bed. I found it great for use in conjunction with my regular cleanser at night because I wash my face twice in order to completely remove my makeup.

The cleansing milk has a soft and smooth texture that resembles the feel of silk. Each time I used it, I would squirt several drops (generally two or three) into one hand, wet my hands with a little splash of water and wash my face. When using the cleansing milk in the morning, it was the only product I used on my face,while at night, I washed first with my regular face wash and finished up with the cleansing milk. The product always left my face feeling extremely soft, clear, and moisturized, something many other products I’ve used simply cannot do.

In just one short month, the Moana cleansing milk has become one of my favorite beauty products. Its smooth texture, ease of use and moisturizing qualities keep me using it day after day. As I began to run low on the cleansing milk, I headed to Moana’s website to order more and do a quick browse to find out about other available products. Their products aren’t cheap; however, once I’ve found something I like, it’s hard to stay away. A proper beauty regimen can be costly, and I think I’ve become hooked on Moana’s.

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