Mukti Hydrating Moisturizer

When I first began using this Mukti Hydrating Moisturizer ($48), I was pretty sure it was not going to work out for me. Although the delicate scent (roses?) and light texture made this creamy lotion sweet to use, my 63 year old skin seemed to soak it right up and beg for “more”. The product seemed to disappear, and not leave much in the way of plumping, which is what I think of when I think “moisture”. Why would I use this stuff, I thought, if I could get something with a little more “punch” (perhaps “grease” is the word I should use, as I associate the “dewy” look with a more potent product). The look on the skin is somewhat matt, with a silky feel.

However, now that I am a month into use of this cream day and night, I am noticing that my skin is a bit smoother, and stays looking that way throughout the day. Mukti being an organic line, perhaps I was too quick to judge, as this moisturizer has begun to work a subtle magic on my face, particularly on my forehead, which appears smooth and even more youthful. Reading about the ingredients and the company philosophy online, plus the very reasonable price points have won me over. I am game to try more of these products, packed in their sleek black Miron glass bottles.

The bottle dispenses a small amount with one pump, and the directions instruct to use it on a damp face, which will extend the coverage. Thus I used the cream right after spraying on my toner, and found one pump to be plenty to cover my entire face and neck.

This product “grew” on me as I used it.  Pleasant to use and smell, the price of the product, combined with the subtle effect of this moisturizer over the past month, won me over.  It wasn’t an overnight sensation; but what good things ever happen that fast?