If you are going to a desert island or just want to travel light, these are the five basic beauty products that you should take with you.

1. Start with a Brush
Cleansing is the foundation of good skin care, and a cleansing facial brush is the best way to do this. It will gently exfoliate, clear the pores and remove dead skin cells.

2. Weekly Face Mask
When your skin looks dull or washed out, a face mask is the perfect pick-me-up.

3. Daily Serum
Go for a multi-tasking vitamin C cream — it will tackle wrinkles and hyperpigmentation and will plump up the skin.

4. A Damn Good Eye Cream
Target the eye area's unique concerns of wrinkles, crepey skin, puffiness and dark circles with a potent eye cream.

5. Finish Up with a Night Cream
Try a non-greasy gel instead of a thick, rich cream. Heavy-hitting ingredients (such as retinol) will penetrate overnight so you'll wake up looking refreshed.

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Marta Wohrle is an anti-aging skin care and beauty expert and the founder/CEO of Truth In Aging. Marta is dedicated to uncovering the truth behind anti-aging product claims.

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