simyskin phase III eye serum 45+

Our Rating: 4 stars

Reviewed by Jane on September 3, 2014


“Targeted skin solutions for every phase of your life” is how SimySkin promotes its products, including its three eye serums.  Depending upon one’s age, a different eye serum is recommended – Phase I is for 18 to 25 year olds, Phase II is for people aged 25 to 45, and Phase III is for those of us 45 and older.  As I am a 50-year-old caucasian woman, this review is for the SimySkin Phase III Eye Serum 45+ ($85).

I am somewhat skeptical about eye serums in general, as I view them as expensive and somewhat unnecessary products.  They are sold in small containers and often have ingredients no different than good facial moisturizers, so I approached this product with a healthy dose of “let’s see what this does.”

My first impressions were positive. The packaging is intelligent and hygienic; the product comes in a tall, thin, airless pump that works very well to dispense the product.  There is a metallic ball on the tip which is used to massage the product under and around the eye, although I found my clean fingers worked just as well.  An aside: the included printed material is in a font so small that I doubt many over the age of 45 will be able to read it, even with reading glasses, so grab your magnifying glass if you want to read the details about the product!

I used this product daily for four weeks, and while I didn’t see dramatic improvement in the skin around my eyes, I did see some overall improvement that was subtle but noticeable to me.  My eyes did not appear puffy or tired, even when I’d had a really bad night’s sleep, for example.  With continued use, I would expect to see further improvement in the skin around my eyes.  Additionally, while this product does contain fragrance (a pet peeve of mine, since fragrance is an unnecessary and sometimes harmful ingredient) it is not a strong fragrance and did not cause any problems for me (I get migraines and fragrance is always a concern).

I’m happy to recommend SimySkin Phase III Eye Serum as a product that improves the texture and appearance of the skin around the eyes.