Trophy Skin Rejuvaderm MD

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by Marta on May 26, 2015



I have to confess that as much as I conceptually understand the merits of microdermabrasion, I’ve never been a big fan. I have sensitive skin and only so many hours in the day for what is already (with my regular LED and ultrasound at-home treatments) a full regimen. I have a microcurrent device that is the equivalent of the impulsively bought waffle-maker gathering dust under the kitchen sink, and when I first took home the Trophy Skin Rejuvaderm MD ($199 in the shop), I feared it would land the same fate. Not so. I love it and it is a welcome and regular addition to my evening routine.

What I like about Rejuvaderm MD is that it is well-designed, from the ergonomic shape to the wide circular diamond tip, not to mention the ease of use. The upshot is that I use it 3-4 times a week—focusing on different areas with different frequency of use and suction level: upper lip once a week, neck 2-3 times a week and (my new obsession) white spots on my forearms, every other day.

I’ll start by describing the shape. The handset is curved and the tip is at the end of an inch-long stem. There are no wide-fitting plastic caps, as with the PMD, for example. And this makes Rejuvaderm MD very easy to use, even for small areas such as above the lip, or to target a very specific area of hyper- or hypopigmentation.

The diamond tip is about the diameter of a ten cent coin, but with a hole in the center (for the suction, which I’ll come on to next). I find this a really good size that moves efficiently over the skin area that I want to treat, but is small enough to target (without being too small and fiddly). I also like that there is one tip and I don’t have to switch between different ones for sensitive/less sensitive areas.

And this is the perfect segue to the Rejuvederm MD’s suction. This aspect of at-home microdermabrasion has been a revelation to me. There are four controls for the suction and it is the suction power that is changed up for areas where the skin is thicker and less delicate. (Note, it is the suction level that is changed, not the tip). Not only is this super easy to use, but it made me realize how important the suction is to the whole process. In fact, when I came to write this review, I went to check some things on the Trophy Skin website and found that my instincts about the importance of suction had been correct. It says: “the suction element is the true behind-the-scenes hero”. I’ll second that.

Rejuvederm MD also has a plastic tip for treating blackheads (which I don’t have and can’t testify to this) and another for helping with serum infusion (I did give this a try, but wasn’t entirely convinced). Anyway, the device’s primary purpose is microderm and at this it excels.

Trophy Skin has a professional look-alike machine called the MicrodermMD ($299). I came across this and met Trophy Skin’s charming founder, Imran Karim, whilst at a trade show. MicroDermMD looks impressive and I am looking forward to when the review comes in from one of the TIA community testers.

In the meantime, I’m more than happy with my on-the-go version. I should qualify on-the-go, Rejuvederm MD must be powered by mains electricity during use. Other than that, it is light, efficient and very easy to use (even the wool filters are a doddle to change). Kudos to Imran and Trophy Skin.