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Trophy Skin Rejuvaderm MD

Trophy Skin Rejuvaderm MD

Trophy Skin Rejuvaderm MD is your portable at-home microdermabrasion treatment device that uses a combination of diamond-tipped exfoliation and suction to combat a multitude of skin care concerns; from fine lines and wrinkles to age and liver spots, from sun-damaged skin to acne scars, from uneven skin tone and texture to rough skin on hands and feet, this device has got you covered! The Rejuvaderm is easy to use and will save you a fortune on trips to the esthetician for professional microdermabrasion treatments. We think that you’ll agree with the Truth In Aging community that this at-home treatment device leaves all the skin it touches refreshed, enlivened and radiant.

Simply take 5 minutes a few times per week to use this device and its 100% Crystal Free Natural Diamond Tip Exfoliation system will have your skin more even and radiant in both tone and texture. The Rejuvaderm MD features four power levels of suction to accommodate your skin’s sensitivity and needs, whether you choose to use it on your face or on uneven skin on your body. This device will pay for itself in just a few uses because it costs less than a two spa visits for microdermabrasion treatments. It’s lightweight and portable with an easy-to-grip handle for easy DIY use at home or away. Includes real Diamond Tip, Pore Extraction Tip, Infusion Tip and Pack of 50 Wool Filters.

TIA Review by Marta:
I have to confess that as much as I conceptually understand the merits of microdermabrasion, I’ve never been a big fan. I have sensitive skin and only so many hours in the day for what is already (with my regular LED and ultrasound at-home treatments) a full regimen. I have a microcurrent device that is the equivalent of the impulsively bought waffle-maker gathering dust under the kitchen sink, and when I first took home the Trophy Skin Rejuvaderm MD, I feared it would land the same fate. Not so. I love it and it is a welcome and regular addition to my evening routine.

What I like about Rejuvaderm MD is that it is well-designed, from the ergonomic shape to the wide circular diamond tip, not to mention the ease of use. The upshot is that I use it 3-4 times a week—focusing on different areas with different frequency of use and suction level: upper lip once a week, neck 2-3 times a week and (my new obsession) white spots on my forearms, every other day.

I’ll start by describing the shape. The handset is curved and the tip is at the end of an inch-long stem. There are no wide-fitting plastic caps, as with the PMD, for example. And this makes Rejuvaderm MD very easy to use, even for small areas such as above the lip, or to target a very specific area of hyper- or hypopigmentation.

The diamond tip is about the diameter of a ten cent coin, but with a hole in the center (for the suction, which I’ll come on to next). I find this a really good size that moves efficiently over the skin area that I want to treat, but is small enough to target (without being too small and fiddly). I also like that there is one tip and I don’t have to switch between different ones for sensitive/less sensitive areas.

And this is the perfect segue to the Rejuvederm MD’s suction. This aspect of at-home microdermabrasion has been a revelation to me. There are four controls for the suction and it is the suction power that is changed up for areas where the skin is thicker and less delicate. (Note, it is the suction level that is changed, not the tip). Not only is this super easy to use, but it made me realize how important the suction is to the whole process. In fact, when I came to write this review, I went to check some things on the Trophy Skin website and found that my instincts about the importance of suction had been correct. It says: “the suction element is the true behind-the-scenes hero”. I’ll second that.

Rejuvederm MD also has a plastic tip for treating blackheads (which I don’t have and can’t testify to this) and another for helping with serum infusion (I did give this a try, but wasn’t entirely convinced). Anyway, the device’s primary purpose is microderm and at this it excels.

Trophy Skin has a professional look-alike machine called the MicrodermMD ($299). I came across this and met Trophy Skin’s charming founder, Imran Karim, whilst at a trade show. MicroDermMD looks impressive and I am looking forward to when the review comes in from one of the TIA community testers.

In the meantime, I’m more than happy with my on-the-go version. I should qualify on-the-go, Rejuvederm MD must be powered by mains electricity during use. Other than that, it is light, efficient and very easy to use (even the wool filters are a doddle to change). Kudos to Imran and Trophy Skin.

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Our Take

  I have to confess that as much as I conceptually understand the merits of microdermabrasion, I’ve never been a big fan. I have sensitive skin and only so many hours in the day for what is already (with my regular LED and ultrasound at-home treatments) a full regimen. I have a microcurrent... read more

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7 Reviews
  • Maryam

    (5 out of 5)

    The product is skin feels so smooth and rejuvenated.

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  • Sheri

    (5 out of 5)

    I have been using Rejuvaderm for about three months and it is amazing! I originally bought this to do battle with a dark spot on my cheek and to soften acne scars on my temples. The spot is much lighter and the scars are softer, AND the pores on my nose and cheeks are shrinking! The "elevens" are almost gone (in conjunction with Osmotics Creaseless). Overall my skin is softer and rosey. I bought the other two heads - the small one for nose and eyes and the large one for chest and "knee-nkles." It works!

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  • Michele

    Thank you Marta! I was concerned that the sunspots were post-inflamatory. I have far more than before I started exfoliation. I keep my legs totally covered and dont go in the sun. Its strange that more are appearing!

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  • Marta

    Hi Michele, in my experience microderm causes dark spots to appear worse before they get better. I asked Kathy about this when she reviewed the Microderm MD and she concurred. I think your theory that the skin removal reveals the damaged skin below is correct. But it is the case that exfoliation will make the skin more sun sensitive so extra protection becomes necessary.

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  • michele

    (5 out of 5)

    Hi Marta I have a query about exfoliation.
    I use microderm as well as peels and various topicals on sunspots on my legs that occurred after a brief foray into biodentical HRT. However more and more are appearing on my legs despite dilligent attention day and night. I keep my legs well covered and they are in no way exposed to sun. What I want to know is must I press on? Is exfoliation causing the pigmentation of sun spots - OR is this to be expected as skin removal reveals sun damaged layers below...and sunspots- in which case I will continue with some really good pigment topicals. I am worried I may be actually causing pigmentation!

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  • Marta

    Hi Michele
    We haven't got in stock yet. We were waiting to see if there was any interest. Now that you've raised your hand, we'll definitely look into and get it on board. Watch this space and we'll let you know.

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  • Michele

    Hi Marta can one order the body head with this? I own the mini rejuvaderm by Trophy skin and am so so impressed. I have been using it for post meno sunspots caused by HRT. I intend to keep the mini one for face but am now looking for a stronger one for body use rather than overuse my mini one. I know they have a body tip and its a bit extra but do you stock this and how do I get that as an add on when I order?

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  • valentina

    July 23, 2015


    Hi Marta, How does the Trophy compare to the PMD, personal micro-dermabrasion device, out of curiosity? .

  • Marta

    May 27, 2015


    Hi Linda, I am using it only on the areas mentioned in the review - neck, upper lip and arms - where I feel I need intenser exfoliation. So for face I am using normal exfoliation, such as Sciote Micro Derm Creme. If using the device, a scrub might also be helpful for, say, blocked pores. But I think that you have err on the side of caution, but find what works for you.

  • linda

    May 27, 2015


    Hi Marta, If you are using this 3-4 times a week, do you do any exfoliation in between? Do you still use Sciote Mirco Derm creme? Do you use any exfoliation masks in between? Many thanks

  • Marta

    May 26, 2015


    Hi Victoria, I have been using it for a month and it takes several months to see significant change. But I am seeing smoother skin on my neck. The white spots need to be fully exfoliated before new cells generate (hopefully pigmented). Increased sunction increases the powerfulness of the exfoliation (sorry if that wasn't clear). No serum or gel needed (that would be for ultrasound or microcurrent).

  • Victoria

    May 26, 2015


    Hi Marta--Sounds interesting. I'm just wondering haven't really said what changes you noticed in your skin (your upper lip, your neck, the white spots, etc.) or how long it took to notice changes? And what difference does the suction make? e.g. Is more suction better, and if so, why? Also, how long does a single treatment session take for different areas (e.g. how long for your upper lip or neck?) Is it painful at all? Does it need to be used with a serum or gel? I've never had microdermabrasion, so I apologize if these are silly questions. Thanks!

1. Wash face with soap and water.
2. Remove the diamond tip from the device and place a clean black wool filter into the filter seat. Place diamond tip back onto device.
3. Press and hold the Power Button until the device turns on. The RejuvadermMD starts at Level 1. Press the power button again to increase suction levels. When you press the power button while on the highest level, you will then turn the unit back off.
4. Hold the RejuvadermMD with the diamond tip completely against the skin, and lightly drag across face with short, careful strokes, following the suggested stroking diagram below. Use your free hand to brace your skin to make this process easier and avoid unnecessary pulling of loose skin.
5. When finished, discard filter and clean Diamond Tip with soap and water using provided brush.
6. Wash your face with cold water after each treatment and apply a good quality moisturizer (or sunblock if going outside).

Note: Treatment takes approximately 5 minutes, and can be repeated every 2-3 times per week depending on skin.

50 Replacement Filters
4 Suction Power Levels
Comfort grip device for treatments

1-medium coarseness diamond tip suitable for face & body
1-pore extraction tip
1-infusion tip

International Compatibility: All Trophy Skin devices have rated voltage between 110-240 volts and can be used worldwide with a proper local adapter. 

Warranty: 1 Year Warranty Included

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