Truth Vitality Treatment Gel

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Reviewed by TIA Community Member on March 25, 2015

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by Jennifer

I was quite fortunate to have received Truth Vitality Treatment Gel ($49 in the shop) as a full size test sample for review, and I am so glad that I did. I had this product for a month and I began using it immediately upon its arrival. To put this in context, I want to say that I regularly use several skin care devices and I have been doing so for a number of years. I use devices about three to four times a week for either 20 or 30 minutes. I have also been using high-quality skin care products — as per my budget at different ages — for most of my life.

I am 54 years old with fair skin. Regarding conductive gels in general, I had previously been using several different ones, and I was definitely already very happy with the Ultra Renew Gel Serum. I personally have no problem spraying on water to extend the slip factor of a gel containing great ingredients during the extended use of devices. So I approached this new product with the mindset of someone already satisfied. As a result, I was curious as to why this new gel would be different. I would not say that I was actually skeptical because I do appreciate the dedication of the Truth In Aging team to produce the most effective products while eliminating harmful ingredients. But I did wonder what could be so much better as to justify a bit of a price jump, considering I was already content with a product.

I especially thought this when I initially applied the gel. It did not seem overly concentrated — something that is considerable, seeing as I used it for a good 20-30 minutes with a device. But, in fact, what I discovered is that the texture of this gel is light, smooth, easy to apply and has a very hydrating feeling. It is not sticky or heavy at all and has a very clean look and feel. More importantly, it lasted quite well for extended use. When I finished my first use of this product, I was shocked. I had been stressed and not feeling well, my skin had been looking tired, and I had puffy dark circles under my eyes before treatment. I couldn’t believe the difference after just one use. My skin looked completely re-energized, and there was definitely a brighter, smoother, firmer look to my whole face. As a side test, my 23-year-old daughter with medium-toned skin was visiting and used this product purely as a 15 minute facial, and she also reported that her skin looked “brighter and smoother.”

I am not well versed in the science of ingredients, but after a quick check on a few select ingredients in this gel, I would say that they performed for me the way they claim to. Hyaluronic acid is supposed to help the skin hold moisture, and my face looked firmer after use. Green tea is supposed to have anti-inflammatory properties and the puffiness and dark circles around my eyes were immediately eliminated. Milk thistle is supposed to also be anti-inflammatory as well as soothing, and my skin did look much smoother and felt “soothed.” This product is a keeper for me and I will be buying it as I need to refill gels. With the price jump, and the amount that I use devices, I may alternate it with my Ultra Renew Gel serum twice a week each, but I am SOLD on the Truth Vitality Gel.