LIFTLAB Purify + Clarify Cleanser

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by Cindy on June 12, 2015


I'm not a fan of most cleansers because they feel heavy and my skin feels like I need to wash it after using them. After doing some research on the science behind LIFTLAB Purify + Clarify ($65 in the shop) and its CPPs (cell protection proteins), I was anxious to give it a try.

Cindy P

Liftlab's patented CPPs are said to "promote the cell’s own natural ability for self-repair and regeneration" by preventing free radicals and UV damage. Along with this, the use of natural enzyme exfoliants, pure oil softeners and botanicals for antioxidants was compelling.

I've used this cleanser every night and most mornings for 30 days, and as a mask twice a week. A little goes a LONG way, and I've barely used half of the sample product (a 1 oz tube).

It goes on damp skin evenly, and creates a lightly exfoliating cream when applied as directed. It has a very slight, pleasant, almost citrus fragrance, that dissipates quickly. It rinses off easily, with no apparent residue left behind...just clean, soft skin. At 66, my skin is neither dry or oily. I had no adverse effects from this cleanser and a lot of positive ones. In fact, I absolutely love this cleanser. I would even say more than any I've ever tried. My skin looks and feels soft, smooth and evenly toned.

I would definitely recommend this cleanser for any type of skin and I wish I'd had some while in my 40s. After just 30 days, I have fresher, tighter skin, while any enlarged pores, broken blood vessels and tiny lines are much diminished. The overall appearance of my face and neck is improved...more youthful, hydrated and brighter.

Now I'm anxious to try the rest of Liftlab's products. Thank you, TIA, for introducing me to yet another great product.

Cindy P Circus

(I was awfully glad to have this cleanser after my trip to the circus last weekend! Purify + Clarify works great at taking off ALL KINDS of makeup.)