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Truth Vitality True Volume Shampoo with Copper Peptides Review

is a Solution for:
Thinning Hair & Shedding
truth vitality true volume shampoo

Truth Vitality True Volume Shampoo ($29 in the shop) is my new shampoo with copper peptides for encouraging healthy hair growth and reducing shedding. Regular use gives the volume and strength of youthful hair.

A unique shampoo with a new, fresh scent, Truth Vitality True Volume features a proprietary copper peptide complex made from a blend of amino acids and copper chloride. Copper peptides exist naturally in our tissues and work on hair follicles by increasing their cell proliferation and their size. 

Truth Vitality True Volume also has caffeine, which has been shown by some studies to reduce hair loss. A favorite ingredient of mine is ferulic acid, a powerful antioxidant; it has been given a boost in that department by rosemary. There is also beta sitosterol, which has been seen to have a positive effect on male baldness. There is speculation that it blocks the action of 5 alpha reductase, an important enzyme in the hair loss process. Aspen bark extract has salicylic, which helps exfoliate the scalp and keep the follicles free of gunk.

Our surfactant cleansing agent is coconut-derived Sodium c14-16 Olefin Sulfonate. The formula is gentle, non-drying, non-stripping and biodegradable. Although Truth Vitality True Volume only produces light foam, there is sufficient lather to work it easily through the hair, and it rinses out beautifully.

Stearamidopropyl dimethylamine (an alternative to silicone) comes from rapeseed and is used as an anti-static agent and a mild cleanser. Guar Hydroxypropyltrimonium is a water-soluble derivative of natural guar gum, and delivers conditioning properties. Polyquaternium-10 is another anti-static that adds sheen and is considered safe. The natural preservative is oil of ravensara and a gentle form of thyme oil, plus there’s DEA free triethanolamine.

Meadowfoam ensures that Truth Vitality True Volume leaves the hair tangle free and smooth, which has allowed me to cut back a little on conditioner. The first notable effect after regular use is less hair in the shower drain. And after just two months of use, you may get compliments — my colorist says I have the hair I had when I was 30.

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  • February 6, 2016

    by Marta

    Hi Jane, yes the shampoo (and the conditioner and Advanced Complex) are safe to use on color treated hair. The range was designed by women for women, with this very much in mind.

  • February 6, 2016

    by Jane

    Truth Vitality True Volume Shampoo sounds great but is it safe for colored treated hair?
    I dye my gray roots every four to five weeks...will the shampoo fade my hair dye?

  • April 3, 2014

    by Marta

    Hi Jen, I use it every 2-3 days and I use the Truth Vitality Advanced Complex with about the same frequency (although I am in maintenance phase - if anyone wants to regrow hair, they should start with a daily regimen, last with the Advanced Complex).

  • April 3, 2014

    by Jen

    Hi Marta :)
    Congratulations on your new shampoo! Wow, I'm so impressed with all of the new things you are producing and making available to us here in the shop! I have the Ultra Renew Plus because even though I already had the Quasar MD I wanted a green light for hyperpigmentation and also I was so tired of the NuFace I wanted to try your version of microcurrent technology. (I like it much better than NuFace). As I shopped for a green light it turned out I could get the entire Ultra Renew Plus (with so many capabilities) for the same price as a plain green light!

    As far a shampoo, my hair has been falling out for ages because I am on medication for chronic back pain as well as stress - and both of those meds cause hair loss :(. It was a hard decision choosing between living in excruciating pain and watching my hair fall out more and more every time I brushed it or took a shower. It surprised me that I had any hair left at all so much of it went down the drain but I think it's just that I have fine thin semi-curly hair that fluffs up when clean so I guess no one (except me) could really tell. But given enough time at the rate of hair loss I was experiencing eventually it would be obvious to even the most casual onlooker! NOOO!

    I was terrified since I've had long hair all my life and intend to keep it that way (I'm 57 now and even if I were 87 I would still want my long hair - like one of the reviewers here who calls herself an "aging hippie", I too fit into that category I suppose and to me long hair is everything as well as an aging hippie thing. (Maybe cause I was born bald and it took forever for my hair to even start growing at all) and somehow a long haired aging hippie is just who I have become after reaching that age when "hippie" needed that qualifier "aging" before it to be accurate considering my age.

    I tried giving up the meds but the excruciating pain and anxiety made life impossible to live - all I could do was lie there and moan in agony and try to focus on healing, but I still didn't want to lose my hair. I looked at others at physical therapy and wondered how they kept their hair while on these medications that made mine fall out by the fistful.

    In a burst of desperation and insight I decided to try Minoxidil and try to keep my hair in the growing stage rather than keeping it in the shedding stage that the meds kept it in. Well, it worked!! My hair still falls out some but it doesn't matter because the ratio of how much falls out to how much is being produced is negligible. I've always had thin, fine hair and now it is so thick I can't believe it's my own hair! I do use a *bit* more than they recommend but it works and that's all that matters! I can maintain a half-way decent quality of life and manage the pain and the stress and still have hair! A miracle!

    But I do worry about using so much Minoxidil over such an extended period of time. I will probably have to keep using it forever because when I stopped once all that hair I had grown fell right out and I was back to barely-there hair again.

    Which is why I have been keeping my eye out for an alternative to Minoxidil or an addition to so that i wouldn't have to use so much of it everyday for the rest of my life. (Must say though, it's a great way to get your hair to grow longer too.) But it's not natural and it bothers me that I am dependent on it. I don't want to end up with brain cancer or some such thing.

    I have been looking at the Skin Biology's products for hair but putting straight copper into my scalp when I already use so much of it on my face and body seems excessive. I know they say it is safe but then again senile dementia is caused by heavy metal buildup in the brain according to Dr. Andrew Weil and Dr. Oz - love that you watch him btw and how you tie in your specials to his shows!

    So I knew I didn't want to be pouring copper AND minoxidil into my scalp everyday for the rest of my life either - one is bad enough.

    And then I got your email and read about this brand new shampoo that you developed and immediately I knew I wanted to try it. I'm glad it has the copper peptides in it because I know they work (I've been using Folligen on my eyebrows - MORE copper but it really does make them grow!) so I really didn't want to add yet more copper (their products are packed with copper) and plus it all sounded so complicated, you have to apply it then put the emu oil on top of it etc etc etc. All that on top of still using the Rogaine and even more copper in their shampoo and conditioner! Too much for me - I'm high risk for Alzheimer's disease and don't want to tip the scales by overflooding my body with too much heavy metal in the form of copper considering I get enough in my multi already since I use Dr. Weil's vitamins.

    And now that I use Dr. Pickart's Copper (and his is so strong!) on my face, eyebrows, feet and body, hands nails and cuticles - I had to draw the line somewhere. Plus I didn't want another thing to have to do with trying to apply a cream and coat with emu oil etc. which meant I would have to wash my hair more regularly than I do thus drying it out etc. And trying to get all that on my scalp and not my hair - too tedious sounding for me.

    And then I got your email today! It's just perfect! Some copper-peptides (which I know work - I witness it on my eyebrows) and Dr. Oz recommended Meadowfoam as an excellent ingredient (btw I am loving the Private Reserve Rose oil with the Meadowfoam - thanks so much for that sample!) " In hair care products, Meadowfoam Seed Oil will add shine and moisture to the hair, and will remedy dry or damaged hair" one qualified website says.

    This shampoo is precisely what I have been looking for! So glad I checked my email today :) I'm off to purchase it - I can't wait to start using it- maybe eventually I can cut back on the Minoxidil and still have this thick hair that it created! I don't wash my hair as much as I used to as it looks just fine (it's not oily) and that seems to be the trend as people realize they are destroying their hair with so much overwashing, especially when you have thin easily breakable hair.

    How often per week would you say that this product needs to be used to get peak results in the shortest amount of time? Should I go back to shampooing on a daily basis? What is your recommendation?

    Thanks so much Marta. All I have to do is read the ingredients and I know you have a winner with this one!

    All the best to you,

    PS: Is it possible to buy ybf's Private Reserve Rose Oil here? Last time I looked I didn't see it for sale?
    Thanks again Marta for all that you do. When I found Truth In Aging I knew I had found my "home" as far as skin care products go as I knew nothing except that these big name products cost a fortune and don't do what they claim! Spent a fortune on products that do nothing, but the products I buy here by companies I haven't heard of before (like ybf for example but there are so many others) it's like discovering all of these hidden treasures every time I come here and read the reviews and articles and your experiences with them. I love your vision and that you have made it a reality. I think many of us here feel the same way. Thank you for creating this unique and trustworthy site. Your customer service is awesome as well! I just love everything about Truth in Aging. :)

  • April 2, 2014

    by Angela

    Hi Marta, I would love to try the new Truth Vitality True Volume Shampoo! I have fine color-treated hair that tangles easily and is prone to frizz, so I can test the volumizing, smoothing, and detangling properties of the shampoo. I have quite a bit of shedding and my front hairline has thinned out over the years enough that I've had to switch my front part to increase the look of thickness. Unfortunately, even with the part, you can still see scalp through the front part of my hair. I am almost 36 years old and would really appreciate the opportunity to try a product that could help with my hair issues. Thanks!

  • April 2, 2014

    by Barb

    I used to have very nice hair until menopause when it started to get thinner. After asking my Dr. for some viable solution, I was told welcome to life after the "pause." I've been searching for a natural solution vs any meds which I won't take and read about Marta's Truth Vitality True Volume Shampoo. Other volume shampoos I've tried leave a build up on your hair that flattens it instead of volumizing so I'd really like to try Marta's shampoo which she said is working well for her. I don't expect a miracle but I'm sure I represent many women looking for that shampoo that gives their hair follicles and their spirits a lift!

  • April 1, 2014

    by Carolyn

    I spent 20 minutes applying powder fiber on my scalp this morning. It would be fabulous to try a product the stimulates regrowth so I can get out of this routine..

  • April 1, 2014

    by Amy

    I'm in my early 30s but have suffered from a receding hairline (telogen effluvium) for the past two years due to stress (according to my naturopath). I've tried everything possible within my reach and budget: hair oils, massage, acupuncture, biotin, herbal tonics, short hair cuts, etc. I never put my hair up into high nor tight up-dos and I don't perm/colour my hair. Hopefully the TruthVitality can do something for my hair loss!

  • April 1, 2014

    by Liz

    I have been searching for a product to help with my fine hair that is noticeably thinner in my late 50's.

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