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Your Best Face Correct (New Formula) Review

is a Solution for:
Crow's Feet, Dark Circles, Dry Skin, Dull Skin, Fine Lines, Puffy Eyes, Sagging Skin, Wrinkles
your best face correct
February 13, 2015 Reviewed by TIA Community Member 0 Comments
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An incredibly luxurious eye cream that practically eliminates the signs of aging around the eyes


Delivers what it promises


Packaging can be problematic

by Karen

I was very excited to be given the opportunity to “Dare to Try” the new, improved formula of Your Best Face Correct ($150 in the shop), as I had used the original formula and couldn’t imagine how anything could be much better.

I am 58 years young, and my skin type ranges from dry/normal in the winter to normal/combination throughout the rest of the year. Fortunately, my skin is not sensitive, so I’m able to switch up new products as the Truth in Aging team finds new skin care products with more potent or impactful key ingredients that keep my skin looking great.

My hope and expectation for this eye cream was that it would deliver on tackling a new concern, the beginning signs of crepey eyelids. To explain what I mean, I’ve never had any problem with the application of eye shadow. I had begun to see the eye shadow crease, leaving my “beautiful eyes” looking like the eye lid had begun to sag or fold. The aging process does catch up with us, but armed with the right products, I have found thus far, each of my skin care concerns have been eliminated.

This is exactly what I experienced with the use of YBF Correct. Applying it as directed, in the evening after cleansing, I used a very small amount of product, which went a long way. WOW…after six days of continued use, my eyelids were smoothed out, no crease, sag or crepey-ness, with my eye shadow gliding on smoothly. Additionally, the fragile skin under my eyes was brighter, plus all fine lines and wrinkles were eliminated. Since I have not yet had any problems with puffiness, I can’t speak to that, but the product does an EXCELLENT job of firming, what I experience as plumping, meaning that under that eye, it is not recessed at all but firm and tight, yet looking very natural.

First impressions were extremely positive. The packaging works well, until the product appears to be empty. You’ll be surprised to find that you have five to seven days of product left in the airless pump. This is my only complaint about the Your Best Face (YBF) products I’ve used. Initially the eye cream dispenses easily, with the amount of product desired being pumped out. There is no problem with too much coming out, so, no wasting the product. As I got to what I thought was the end of the product, the pump failed to eject the eye cream. Two solutions that have worked for me is inserting into the tiny hole at the base of the pump with a straightened paper clip or safety pin. I have also removed the entire top, to get every last bit of this incredibly luxurious eye cream. There appears to be no damage to the last of the product with exposure to air upon quickly removing and replacing the top on the pump.

The results were evident to my daughters, ages 23 and 32, as well as my mother. They asked me if I had Botox around my eyes! All signs of aging disappeared. The skin under my eye lids was supple and plump. The new formula of YBF Correct exceeded all expectations of what it could do. I can say without a doubt that this is superior to the original product. I always look closely at my skin to see what needs attention, and I can say with certainty that this product delivers what it promises.

The important thing to know is this eye cream’s list of ingredients, (as listed from the Your Best Face website). It includes part of a highly advanced series of advanced potent peptides: Sepilift, DPHP, Relistase™, Matrixyl 3000™, Syn®-Tacks, Syn®-Hycan and Tego®Pep 4-17, to name a few. The website states that perhaps a better name for Correct would have been, “ZING!” because of the energizing and recharging experience you get from caffeine, vitamins and top antioxidants. I would have to agree, “ZING!” says it succinctly!

My overall assessment: Does this product do what it claims to do??? YES!! This product does things for my eyes that other products have failed to do. Would I buy a replacement? YES, I do plan to purchase.

I have been a member of the TIA community for several years, so, overall, my skin has evolved into a healthy and glowing complexion, with no makeup at all. I don’t want to mislead anyone, though. My eyes looked good as a result of consistent use of the original YBF formula, alternating with AQ Skin Solutions Eye Serum ($99 in the shop).

I am frequently asked what I use to make my skin so youthful with a healthy glow. Without hesitation, my answer: I was fortunate to come across the Truth In Aging website while looking up something else. I have used TIA products exclusively for my skin care routine ever since. I have come to depend on TIA’s research, versatility of products, product reviews and explanations of active ingredients, as well as the constant updating of new products and information. Not to sound overly dramatic, but the TIA products have changed the course of my skin care…the desire to maintain a healthy and youthful appearance.

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