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I Pekar Facial Cleanser

Size: 3.4 oz (100 ml)

Ildi Pekar's Facial Cleanser is an all-natural non-sudsing facial cleanser designed for those who are aiming to cleanse, hydrate and restore natural skin balance. This cleanser, perhaps one of the best Marta has tried, uses Certified Honey from a bee farm to effectively rid skin of dirt and impurities, while promoting cellular renewal, giving you a replenished and radiant complexion. This skin-nourishing product has been tested and reviewed, like all of the items offered by Truth In Aging, so you can be sure that the I Pekar Facial Cleanser will provide you with clean, healthier skin. Shop Truth In Aging today to get more moisturizing, all-natural cleansers.

I Pekar Facial Cleanser uses phenolic acid-infused willow and aspen bark to sooth and calm your skin, reducing redness and inflammation, while boosting cell regeneration. Aloe Vera juice supplies hydration and eliminated blemishes. Coconut Oil repairs cell and tissue damage, while vitamins C and E firm skin and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. To top it off, ginger milk detoxes the skin and increases circulation, reducing the appearance of hyperpigmentation and evening out skin tone.

Store in a cool, dark place for up to 6 months for optimal results.

Please note this product has been recently reformulated. New formulations are currently being reviewed.

TIA Review by Marta:
I have known my esthetician, Ildi Pekar, for more than 10 years and have nothing but respect for her integrity, knowledge and dedication to high performing treatments and natural ingredients. When I first started Truth In Aging, Ildi’s encouragement gave me the courage to keep going. And we all know where her infectious enthusiasm for LED, microcurrent, ultrasound and tools in general has gotten me. Ildi has always wanted to create her own skin care line that would be completely natural but effective at anti-aging, and finally, after months and months in the making, I Pekar has launched with a cleanser, moisturizer and eye cream.

I am kicking off with a review of the I Pekar Cleanser. It is a creamy but light cleanser that doesn’t produce suds but lubricates well on damp skin. I find it extremely cleansing, while being totally gentle. It is one of the best, if not the best cleansers I have used. It leaves my skin feeling very soft and looking healthy. The light scent is deliciously gingery with honey overtones.

Honey is the star ingredient running through the I Pekar line. It is a natural healer and a topical antimicrobial agent that has been used for centuries in wound care. Honey’s antioxidant properties came to be known relatively recently and are due to the presence of a number of polyphenols, including caffeic acid and apigenin.

Willow bark and aspen bark are rich in salycin, an aspirin-like substance, which is considered to be analgesic, anti-inflammatory, calming and healing. The surfactants are all coconut-derived and cleanse well without being drying (note that I wear scant makeup, and so I am not a good witness for its removal abilities). With a formula free of nasties, the preservative used is radish root.

I am so excited for Ildi. I Pekar deserves to be a success. Ildi has created a skin care line that is everything she wanted it to be. Having lived with her through the (inevitable) ups and downs of manufacturing, I have watched as she stuck to her guns and refused to compromise on what matters to her. As a result, I Pekar has wonderful all-natural ingredients, the products are very effective to use (I can’t wait to tell you about the moisturizer in my next review) and the line is beautifully packaged. And I like to think that the “I” in I Pekar stands for integrity.

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Our Take

I have known my esthetician, Ildi Pekar, for more than 10 years and have nothing but respect for her integrity, knowledge and dedication to high performing treatments and natural ingredients. When I first started Truth In Aging, Ildi’s encouragement gave me the courage to keep going. And we all... read more

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8 Reviews
  • Julie

    (5 out of 5)

    I absolutely adore this product. I am 43 years old and teach 2nd grade. A few months ago, one of my students commented on the wrinkles around my eyes. If there is one thing I love about 2nd graders, it's their honesty! Anyhow, that is when I realized it was time to take my skin care seriously. I don't even remember how I found The Truth About Aging site, but boy am I glad I did. Because this cleanser had 5 stars and such good reviews, I thought it would be worth a try. I loved that Marta had already researched the product and loved it! Although I feel it is very pricey, I also feel it is well worth it. My skin is so healthy and smooth. Those wrinkles are less noticeable, and I don't know how many people have commented on the healthy glow of my skin. It took me a while to get used to it not making suds. I only wear a little bit of make-up, and it cleanses great. I also follow up with a rose-water toner. The combination is amazing. And then finally, I use I Pekar moisturizer. I seriously feel like I have had a spa day, everyday. Highly recommended, and I hope this product continues on the market!

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  • Candace

    (5 out of 5)

    this is my favorite cleanser of all time-I love the scent and the way my skin feels after using it-I have just reordered and will be ordering a few more when it is back in stock-I became aware of I Pekar through the TIA site and have used all the I Pekar products that are available-I love all of them-thank you for making it known and available-CCH

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    (5 out of 5)

    Of all the wonderful cleansers I've tried through purchases at the TIA store, this has come to be my absolute favorite of all time. Gentle, nice smelling cleanser that leaves my mature, dehydrated skin feeling and looking better, without any cleanser "residue" left behind. I have used all Ildi Pekar products in the TIA store and love them. I've noticed that I have not experienced my usual hormonal breakouts on my chin since using her products and have not have a single episode of irritation. My skin just looks and feels more hydrated, very comfortable. Highly recommend this cleanser.

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  • stephanie

    (5 out of 5)

    Love this cleanser, I have dry skin and cleansers that are too harsh can leave it feeling tight and dry but I do prefer a wash off cleanser at night. This cleanser does an amazing job at cleansing my skin, removing my tinted moisturiser, sunscreen and mascara without drying out my skin. Its a small bottle but it lasts for months and smells just amazing!

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  • Kemoy

    (4 out of 5)

    Marta's review of this cleanser was spot on. It does everything she said it does. I have combination skin that is also dehyrated. Typical combination skin cleansers are too harsh on my skin and normal-dry cleansers tend to break me out. This cleanser is the perfect balance. It cleans and it hydrates. I love using this cleanser in the shower, and usually leave it on like a mask so my skin experiences the benefits of the quality ingredients. I love everything about this cleanser except the price and the packaging. It is hard to know when it is almost finish or if all of the product is being used.

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  • Darla

    (5 out of 5)

    This is one of the best cleansers I've ever used! I am 52 and still have combination skin. It feels great on my face and leaves my skin feeling clean, soft and hydrated. It takes care of the oil without leaving my face feeling stripped. It takes off my make-up including mascara without irritating my eyes. It smells wonderful and feels so good I don't want to rinse it off! I will definitely be buying this cleanser again.

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  • Melanie

    (5 out of 5)

    My skin has always been reactive. The wrong kinds of skin care products have lead to red, inflamed skin or, worse yet, eczema. After rinsing, my face is soft, soothed (i.e., zero redness) and, most important, hydrated. This has been a particularly wonderful benefit as, during harsh Canadian winters like the current one, most cleansers, no matter how gentle, leave my skin feeling dry, if not tight. It works well at removing makeup, eliminating all trace of it with a double cleanse. I even tried it on eye makeup with absolutely no sting or irritation. Overall, for me, the I Pekar Facial Cleanser checks all boxes for performance and ingredients.

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  • Ruth

    (5 out of 5)

    As an avid reader of Truth in Aging, and a follower of Marta's recommendations, I was happy to finally try a couple facials at Ildi Pekar. I was preparing for a long trip and saw travel sizes for Ildi's new product line, and jumped at the purchase, wondering what Marta thought...I completely agree with her review. This IS one of the best cleansers! It feels thorough yet very soothing, which was especially welcome to my stressed skin, after long plane rides and having to skimp on care. Now back in NYC, the cleanser counteracts the dry air and really gives me a fresh, smooth complexion. Super happy with it.
    (The full size is a better buy and well worth it as you don't need much!)

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  • Jennifer Bowen

    January 22, 2015

    Jennifer Bowen

    I would love to try this cleanser because you are recommending it based on someone that you have worked with for so many years with your own skin. I am not shy about spending on really great products, but I am shy about trying new things on my skin, the hits are so great but the misses are equally frustrating, and I have had a lot of misses on cleansers. For me they are such an important part of my ritual because I use a cleanser more regularly than any other product. For example day to night treatments vary, some serums I use every other night, seasonal treatments vary, and certain issues require different treatments, even certain masks I use only once or twice a week, but.... the cleanser is the most ubiquitous and I would love to tap into one that I am totally happy with!

  • Donna

    January 20, 2015


    I want to try it because of the all natural ingredients, and it sounds very good.

  • Len

    January 20, 2015


    I am the perfect person to test the I Pekar cleanser... with reactive skin that's sensitive, acne prone and combination....I need a cleanser that's gentle and calming. Less is more and natural ingredients are the only products I put on my skin. I would love to test I Pekar and share with you how wonderful the results are!

  • Cheryl Thompson

    January 20, 2015

    Cheryl Thompson

    Hi, not sure if thus is where I ask to try this cleaner,
    Reason is I am over 50 and everything been going down hill since.
    I have everything this cleaner does, but the dryness/redness.
    Hope to try it soon.

  • Melanie

    January 20, 2015


    I would l Iove to try this cleanser. I have dehydrated, highly-reactive skin that is worsening with age. I have had success with products that are natural and would be thrilled to discover another range that I can use.

  • Ildi

    January 5, 2015



    Coming from you, a woman dedicating your time and knowledge in the beauty industry this is beyond rewarding. Thank you for your time to review my product and experience the amount of time and effort I put into them.


  • Organic Aloe Leaf Juice
  • Organic Rooibos Leaf
  • Organic Green Tea Leaf
  • Cocount Oil
  • Organic White Tea
  • Certified Organic Raw Honey
  • Vitamin E Oil
  • Willow Bark
  • Rosemary Leaf Oil
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin C
  • Pro Vitamin B5
  • Ginger Milk Essential Oil

Introducing I Pekar (VIDEO)

I Pekar, the new skin care line that was developed by my esthetician Ildi Pekar, has become a firm favorite of mine, and I have been so excited to introduce it to the Truth In Aging Community.

Shake before use. Apply cleanser to face and neck. Rinse with cool water.

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