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Red Flower Essential Omega Oil Serum

Red Flower Essential Omega Fresh Berry Oil Serum


by Red Flower

Size: 2.4 oz (71 ml)

Red Flower Essential Omega Fresh Berry Oil Serum is rich in antioxidants and botanicals to help replenish and restore resilience to skin. This serum uses quick absorbing oils, such as jojoba, avocado, gardenia, cranberry seed and strawberry seed oils, to soothe and hydrate skin.

TIA Review by Lynda:
I recently had the privilege of testing Red Flower Essential Omega Fresh Berry Oil Serum and, as a recent convert to oil serums, I was extremely excited about this one.

While I hadn’t tried any Red Flower products prior to reviewing this serum, I did read reviews on TIA (and elsewhere) that made the company sound intriguing. In the company’s words, “Red Flower was created from a deep-rooted love of the land and spirituality, as well as a sense of science and holistic medicine… founded on the principles of world traditions, sustainable sourcing, ritual, well-being and aesthetic… Red Flower is a calling. A ceremony to feel all of the senses. A moment taken to reconnect and restore.” Like I said, pretty intriguing. Sign me up.

The Essential Omega Fresh Berry Oil Serum also sounded delicious – like I might want to try this on my salad type of delicious. It includes avocado, cranberry, garden mint, juniper berry, raspberry, rosemary, arctic lingonberry, cloudberry, blueberry and strawberry seed oils. Definitely tempting enough to want to taste, though I didn’t take that much to heart this Truth in Aging “Dare to Try” opportunity!

I’m not even touching on the benefit to your skin through these ingredients’ concentrated doses of vitamin C, antioxidants, and essential omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Plus, there is the sensual Tahitian gardenia oil and intoxicating balsam fir tree oil scents. And top it off with the added healthful benefits of jojoba oil and vitamin E. The ingredients list alone was enough to convert me. The hard part was waiting for it to arrive.

The bottle is an elegant, frosted clear glass with an easy-to-dispense push spray – and a lid (thank you, Red Flower). So many oils I have tried don’t come with lids, making them hard to travel with.
The scent was surprisingly subtle, given the ingredients list. I was almost disappointed when I first smelled it; I expected heady gardenia, fruity berries, woodsy balsam and jojoba, and the unusual exciting twist of mint. Until I remembered I don’t like strong scents in my skincare products, and smiled, satisfied.

In reality, the scent is very unassuming, but beautifully complex. Weeks later, I am still captured by the subtle complexity. Trying to identify when the earthy herbal scent fades into the sweetness of the berries, to be transformed by the vitality of the mint, finally fading into the flowery gardenia. Or is it the other way around? It’s an intoxicating mystery. Almost as much fun as the pleasure of massaging luxurious oil into your skin.

Red Flower’s rather “far out there” statements are grounded this was a “ceremony to feel all of the senses, a moment taken to reconnect and restore.”

The Red Flower Essential Omega Fresh Berry Oil Serum is lightweight, and absorbed quickly with no greasy afterglow whatsoever, unlike many facial oils.

Red Flower suggests this serum is best suited for all skin types, but highly beneficial for hormonally imbalanced skin lacking elasticity and suppleness, resulting in rosacea, acne outbreaks and redness. My skin is normal – except in the dead of winter when it becomes extremely dry and prone to eczema, which is exactly where my skin was at when I tried this product. Unfortunately, this oil was not the powerful match for my dry skin that I had hoped for. And once the eczema flared up, I had to stop using it and return to more potent heavy creams and medication. It simply didn.t have the strength to counteract the extreme dryness.

With sadness, I carefully tucked away my beautiful intoxicating Red Flower Essential Omega Fresh Berry Oil Serum until summer arrives and my skin returns from dry to normal. If I was feeling a little more generous, I’d give it to my teenage son to see how it works with his oilier acne-prone skin. I have a feeling it would be better suited to his skin type. But I like this little bottle of self-indulgent luxury too much! I’m going to keep my Red Flower Essential Omega Fresh Berry Oil Serum, but only for the summer months.

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Our Take

Reviewed by Lynda I recently had the privilege of testing Red Flower Essential Omega Fresh Berry Oil Serum ($48 in the shop) and, as a recent convert to oil serums, I was extremely excited about this one. I'm in my mid-40s, and while I hadn’t tried any Red Flower products prior to reviewing this... read more

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8 Reviews
  • Mariana

    (2 out of 5)

    If you have oily and prone to acne skin, this product is a no-no. I broke down badly after a couple of days of using it.
    So, instead of throwing it away, I used it on my body, as I have very sensitive and dry skin. Not worth to buy it for this use, though, cuz it will be very expensive.
    I think for somebody with dry skin, it may work great. But if you have oily skin, don't waste your money.

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    (5 out of 5)

    Forgot to click on the rating previously. 5 stars.

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    I am compelled to share something amazing I've discovered with this serum and thru the RedFlower website. I received a sample of the Essential Omega serum and used it last night as recommended on Red Flower, using their facial pulse points diagram and pressure/massage technique they described. OMG - for the first night in YEARS, I slept peacefully straight thru the night without my usual continuous tossing and turning. I called Red Flower to see if it was just a coincidence or if the pulse points massage with the oil had collateral benefits beyond the facial skin. The esthetician indicated that - YES - the pulse points massage frequently relaxes the entire body as well. She said that when they go out on shoots with their models and do the oil/pulse point massage that many of them are affected the same way. To me - who cannot sleep well at night - this is as close to a miracle as can be..... Never would have known about this product if TIA hadn't offered it. Thanks TIA.

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  • Rachel

    (5 out of 5)

    I was fortunate enough to get a sample size bottle of this product from a spa I used to work at in Las Vegas. I've been carrying around this little bottle and applying the product to my eye wrinkles and crows feet every so often. Wasn't certain if it was doing a whole lot but kept using it anyways.

    Well, I just moved to Idaho and totally left my little bottle of wonder serum at my moms house. I thought I could live without it, but just recently realized my eye wrinkles are getting worse, whereas before they were kinda of just remaining the same. SOOOOO, I just ordered another full size bottle and can't wait until it gets here!! I sure do miss people telling me that I do not look anywhere close to 41 years old!!

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  • Katya

    (3 out of 5)

    I have tried this serum in the Discover with Marta Collection as well. In general, I liked it okay but later I found a brilliant use for it, in my opinion.

    Initially, I found it to be a little greasy for use under the foundation when you quickly get ready to go in the morning plus I hesitated to use it at night because it can easily transfer onto the pillow case. However, it is perfect for giving yourself a facial massage with it if you have time to spare. It has got just the right amount of slip and in a few minutes of massage your skin completely soaks it up. After the massage with the serum that lasts about 10-15 minutes, my skin becomes radiant, supple, and very moisturized.

    That's just my tip. Sometimes you just have to work with the product a little bit to make it work.

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  • Tina

    (5 out of 5)

    I received this as a sample also and I really like it. The consistency is great. Light yet moisturizing. I have used it on my face/neck/décolleté. Also last week in my hair. The scent is refreshing and not at all overpowering.

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  • Lee Ann

    (5 out of 5)

    I absolutely love this product! I was going to a wedding and looked down at my arms and they looked so dry. I decided to use my sample of Red Flower Essential Omega Fresh Berry Oil Serum on them. That was almost a week ago and they still look hydrated and smooth! I started using it on my face and neck and it feels wonderful. I am certainly going to purchase a bottle!

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  • Jan

    (4 out of 5)

    I received a sample of this in the Discover with Marta Collection. I am relatively new to face oils and this is a nice oil. I used this about once every 2 weeks and it left my face feeling smooth, hydrated, and moisturized. I did find this to be a little watery for an oil though.

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  • Jojoba Oil (Certified Organic
  • Simmondsia Chinensis)
  • Avocado (Persea Gratissima) Oil (Persea Gratissima)
  • Monoi Cocos Nucifera
  • Gardenia Oil (Gardenia Tahitensis)
  • Glucono Delta Lactone
  • Cranberry Seed Oil (Vaccinium Macrocarpon)
  • Raspberry Seed Oil (Rubus Idaeus)
  • Fragaria Vasca (Strawberry) Seed Oil (Fragaria Ananassa)
  • Lingonberry Seed Oil (Vaccinium Vitis-Idaea)
  • Copaiba Balsam oil (Copaifera Officinalis)
  • Guaiac Wood Oil (Guaiacum Officinale)
  • Fir Absolute (Pinus Balsamea)
  • Garden Mint Oil (Mentha Viridis)
  • Juniper Berry Oil (Juniperus Communus)
  • Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil (Lavandula Angustifolia)
  • Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Extract (Rosmarinus Officinalis)
  • Vitamin E Tocopherol 50

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Dispense a few drops into hands and blend over entire face. Suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and skin prone to breakouts, redness and rosacea.

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