Cornelia Age Interruption Crème

Reviewed by Beth on April 6, 2015


With a name like Age Interruption, who WOULDN’T love this product? If I had an anti-aging skin care line, that’s exactly what I would name it! In this never-ending New York City winter, I was anxious to try Cornelia Age Interruption Crème ($59). This year, I felt my sensitive and dry skin becoming even more parched, no matter what I was applying to my face. For most of the year, I apply facial moisturizer in the form of a lotion, but come winter, I have to step up my game to a cream, especially having had a milestone birthday. Yup, I am now in the fifth decade of my life!

I began using Age Interruption Crème in February and it came at the perfect time! The texture is silky, like a crème gel, and absorbs into the skin instantly. I ADORE the scent— it smells like fresh oranges. For optimal results, I used the product day and night on my face and neck. I skipped using my usual serums so I could really monitor the results of the product and see if the crème did its job. I am happy to report I really enjoyed the crème and I did feel hydrated. My skin looks pretty good, but I will be happy to go back to adding a hydrating serum until the hot weather hits.

I think this product works best on normal or normal to dry skin and I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone with that type of skin!

According to the company, this product is formulated to release trace minerals, sea plant elastins, vitamins and nutrients into the skin. The hydrating complex replenishes epidermal moisture, rebalances oil and regenerates the skin’s collagen matrix, resulting in a visibly firm, suppler-looking complexion.

The main ingredients in Cornelia Age Interruption Crème are from the sea and I was happy to note that the marine flora, essential oils and botanicals used are organic and paraben-free so you know you are using pure products! Best of all, because I liked this product so much, I am checking out their other products right now!