kat burki raw beauty rose hip revitalizing serum

Our Rating: 5 stars

Reviewed by Jane on October 10, 2014


Kat Burki has introduced an exciting new product called the Rose Hip Revitalizing Serum ($165), and according to their website, it’s “a natural cell energy generator and true antioxidant powerhouse, this face serum provides unparalleled free-radical protection, energizes skin’s natural rejuvenation process, and fearlessly defends against the visible signs of aging by minimizing fine lines and wrinkles.” I couldn’t help but wonder if the product would live up to this hype.

I have not used many facial serums, and as a 50-year-old Caucasian woman who battles milia, it’s probably beyond time that I do. Thus, I was eager to review this new Kat Burki Serum and see what it would do for my skin. Other than incorporating this serum into my skin care routine, I changed nothing else for four weeks.

My first impressions were positive. The packaging is intelligent and hygienic - the product comes with a pump that works reasonably well to dispense the product. I would prefer a transparent container so that I could see how much product remained, but this is a minor complaint. According to a cruelty free website, Kat Burki products are not tested on animals and are formulated without parabens, synthetic dyes, sulfates, petrolatum or mineral oils (this information was not apparent on the Kat Burki website).

This serum’s list of ingredients is impressive, and it is packed with antioxidants including vitamins C and E, beta carotene and more. The Kat Burki website notes that “ingredients are selected for their curative and preventative properties, specifically combined to enhance and/or increase the effectiveness of the other. Cold-Pressed oils, botanicals and vitamin rich ingredients as unprocessed and unfiltered as we can get combined for naturally balanced skin that is healthy and radiant.”  I have to admit, my skin definitely looks healthier and more radiant than before using the serum.  Additionally, the texture of the serum is lovely; it absorbed into the skin quickly and it left my skin feeling soft and smooth and looking dewy.  While I don’t like fragrance in my skin care products as I deem them as completely unnecessary and sometimes harmful, the fragrance in this product isn’t overly strong (I get migraines and fragrance is always a concern).

I used this product morning and evening for four weeks.  In the morning, after washing my face and using a toner, I used a small amount of the serum (one pump was sufficient, two pumps were too much – a little goes a long way with this product).  I rarely applied a moisturizer after the serum, and if I did, it was only a little.  In the evening, I again washed my faced, used an exfoliating toner and applied the serum. I also used a moisturizer but found I used less than when I used moisturizer alone.  I saw a clear improvement in the texture and tone of my skin within two weeks.  In fact, a colleague came into my office one day after I’d been using the product for three weeks and told me “your skin looks gorgeous and you have no wrinkles!”  While I may have been having an unusually good skin day, no one at work has ever before made such a comment.  There is no question in my mind that the Kat Burki Rose Hip Revitalizing Serum was a significant part of the reason for my colleague’s kind comment.

I’m very happy to recommend Kat Burki Rose Hip Revitalizing Serum as a product that improves the skin’s texture, tone, and overall appearance.  Once my sample runs out, I will definitely purchase this product!