mitoq anti-aging serum

Our Rating: 4 stars

The MitoQ Moisturizing Anti-Aging Serum ($119 in the shop) is a potent little product that is purported to turn back the clock by targeting the cell's mitochondria, an approach for natural anti-aging products that Marta had predicted for 2014. When we asked our trusty reviewer Cindy to give MitoQ a try, she was in awe of the science behind it and even more blown away by the results she saw — results that left her feeling confident enough to leave the house without makeup! Impressed by her full review, we decided to have seven more of our Truth In Aging community members give this serum a 30-day test run, and we were pleased to find that their feedback was mostly glowing (as well as their skin!). Here is what our reviewers had to say about this smart new serum:

Angela, Early 60s

Reviewed and Recommended

As I take such good care of my skin, I wasn't expecting any really noticeable improvements with the MitoQ Anti-Aging Serum. I incorporated it into my skin regime by replacing the three serums I faithfully use with this one. The MitoQ is lovely to use, absorbs quickly and is unscented.

The first week, I noticed a smoothness and brightness to my skin that I really thought I already had, but I was wrong! Next, the little lines above my lip smoothed out and began to become less noticeable. After the second week, my neck looked much smoother, and those annoying horizontal lines began to fade. By the third week, I knew that none of these improvements were my imagination, since people began to say things like, "You look so rested today!" and "Did you just get back from vacation?" My favorite is "What in the world are you doing? Can I do it, too?" I have been using it for more than five weeks, and the results are getting better and better. This product just might be the Holy Grail of skincare!

Naheed, 50s

Reviewed and Recommended

The first thing I noticed when I got the product was excessive packaging. The glass bottle is pretty, but I think all the extra packaging is unnecessary. I really didn’t notice any difference until my fourth week of use — my skin looked firm to the touch. After washing my face one evening, I came out of the bathroom, and my daughter said, “Mom, your skin looks so good — what have you been using?” I looked in the mirror and noticed that it indeed looked good. Now in my fifth week, the skin around my cheeks is firmer and my pores almost non-existent. It feels smooth to the touch and has a glow to it. The skin under my eyes also looks relaxed. I would recommend the MitoQ serum to anyone looking to get firmer skin.

Alison, 40s

Reviewed and Rejected

My skin is sensitive and etched-in wrinkles with the beginnings of naso-labial folds, eye bags and some age spots. So, I hopped at the chance for a serum that promises to address all of these things. The serum itself is lightly scented with an off-white creamy texture and dispensed from an elegant translucent black pump bottle. Perhaps if I had been able to use it for the recommended four to six weeks, I would have seen a difference. I did not, however, for various reasons.

In addition to making my skin look wan and dry, it caused me to break out. Within 48 hours, I had three different pimples. I stopped application for a week to help clear my face. When I resumed application, another brand new pimple popped up. My verdict? Thumbs down for me!

Maria, 42

Reviewed and Recommended

I was curious when offered to test the MitoQ Anti-Aging Serum considering, as a researcher, I am aware of the scientific research on CoQ10 and its role in the mitochondria operation. The serum is oily at first touch, but after a few seconds, it absorbed quickly and left a soft touch. After one week, I started to see some improvement in the texture, especially in the area where I had a few pimples. In the second and third weeks, I noticed that my recently-formed crow’s feet had gotten much smoother. Also, the persistent lines between my eyebrows have softened, although the smile lines persist.

It did not protect very much from the coldness of Swedish winter and I had to use an organic rich cream when going out. But the texture and the smoothness is very high, so there should be something to the Q10 theory in terms of cosmetic appliance. Although it does not perform miracles, I think that MitoQ is one of the top five products I have used. Though, I am a little skeptical about the science behind it and the interaction with other ingredients. I am sure they have done their research with the serum, but the preservatives they use — especially phenoxyethanol and methosulfate — might weaken the penetration and absorption of Q10.

Nicola, Early 50s

Reviewed and Recommended

I have a fair, Celtic complexion with normal skin and am in fairly good condition for my age — my skin isn’t that wrinkled yet but my eyes are beginning to crease, I have a little bit of a crepey texture starting to appear on my neck and I have some small sun spots I’m not that keen on. The serum is a very pleasant in texture and use. However, be prepared to use an additional moisturizer. An effect of MitoQ is a temporary tightening of the skin an hour or so after application that I found useful as it reminded me not to frown.

So far, I have noticed no changes to the appearance of my fine and not-so-fine lines, but my sun spots have faded and their texture has improved. Additionally, my neck seems to be smoother and less crinkled. While I can’t report that MitoQ delivers miraculous transformations, it does seem to have produced some definite if limited results on my fair and freckled skin.

Elisabeth, 35

Reviewed and Recommended

I spent approximately two weeks extra testing MitoQ because I was so impressed with the science behind the ingredients. I decided to document my skin in pictures. I started almost exactly six weeks before my 35th birthday which I thought was the perfect time to have my personal “grand reveal.”. I can’t say that my birthday brought a big smile to my face, but the MitoQ ABSOLUTELY did! My skin was already in pretty good shape due to my devotion to wearing broad spectrum sunscreen every day since my early teens.

I am not one to believe hype or “quick fixes,” but right away, my skin felt luscious (confirmed by my fiancé), the tone was brighter and my pores looked smaller. By the end of my trial, I compared the pictures and could not believe the difference. The small marks I do have on my face were significantly lightened. I would highly recommend this product for the long term anti-aging benefits. But I would make sure to use a strong moisturizer with it.

Gunilla, 50s

Reviewed and Recommended

I’ve been using this serum instead of my regular Medik8 Firewall, which I mention since the Medik8 is best serum I’ve ever come across. MitoQ had a very tough act to follow. After using it for four weeks, I wholeheartedly concur with Marta’s review of the serum: This is a winner! It is at least as good for my face as Firewall is, and it is the best when it comes to the neck. After just four weeks, there is a noticeable lessening of the “turkey neck” lateral wrinkles, and my facial skin looks really good.