Mukti Age Defiance Day Serum

Reviewed by Mark on May 13, 2015


First impressions aren’t always what they seem. This statement recently rang so true for me while testing Mukti Organics Age Defiance Day Serum ($87.79). My initial off-the-cuff impression of a product is always made by either the fragrance or the texture and with this serum, it was definitely the fragrance. This has a strange and earthy fragrance that smells rather like dirt. Yes, I did find it a bit off-putting, but I also checked out the ingredient list to see if there was an obvious culprit. I found the last item listed is Frankincense oil and did a quick computer check to find many claims for the uses of Frankincense oil, including as an astringent to fade scars and age spots, and to help prevent and reduce wrinkles. Peptides also appear in the ingredients, so enough said for me—I smoothed a few drops onto my face and neck and waited for the smell to dissipate. Although it took a few minutes, it did disappear. (Along with the benefits of Frankincense oil, I also noticed many comments as to the unique fragrance ranging from “like incense and licorice” to “moldering leaves.”)

The color of mustard and a somewhat thin consistency, the serum applies best to a freshly cleansed face left slightly damp. It completely absorbed without leaving any residue or stickiness on my face. I’m in my 50s and I have oily skin, and I had no problems with this making my skin oilier or congested. Although I applied twice daily, by the two week mark I had not seen any noticeable results other than moisturizing, which is somewhat less than the product claim of “moisturizes, smoothes and hydrates the skin. Helps prevent, reduce and slow the appearance of aging, age lines and premature aging.”

I continued use and began to see a better, more hydrated complexion than before, but the “aha” moment was when a couple of blemishes that had started to form quickly disappeared, and I also noticed the light lines at my eyes had softened. This is after four weeks use. So perseverance won and although not dramatic, I have seen results from continued use.